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Do you think travelling is stressful? Think Again!!

Aren’t sometimes we get bored of going to the same places every day, the hea Show More

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Do you think travelling is stressful? Think Again!!

Aren’t sometimes we get bored of going to the same places every day, the heaviness of same old routine all time makes us very irritated sometimes. This heaviness also affects our ability and capacity to work and lessen enthusiasm and interest in our work which we used to love once and worked hard for that work or job.

It’s a well-known fact when you follow the same routine over a period of time, you feel demotivated, feels the burden of the work be it official or household is getting heavier and heavier. The urge for working is lessened with the passage of time and everything would not go right with your work routine, home schedule, even the relationship with your loved one can get hampered. To keep up with your routine you need to take a break from daily life. A holiday will help you in breathe in fresh air without any deadlines and stress for completion of any project or something else. Without any tension to reach office or your workplace at times, no routine just fun and enjoy you will do. When you are stress-free you can spend quality time with your loved ones, your bond will be restored. When you explore new places, you thinking get raised with different aspects of life. Different places have different cultures and knowing different cultures can help watching life in a new way.

Still not convinced? Don’t worry here are some points compiled for you which can help you in gaining more interest in travelling. The points are discussed below:

1. Moving out of the comfort zones:
When you travel to some unknown place, you tend to come out of your comfort zone. When you come to your comfort zone you get to understand you can even survive without the comforting items you have in your house or the regular things which you might be thinking you can’t do.
When you step out of your comfort zone you may face many difficult situations and for coming out of those situations you need to think and solve the situation. This will enhance the problem-solving abilities that will help you in your work or college.

2. Encounters with different cultures:
When you travel across the places which are different from yours, you get to see different people with different cultures. Different people have the different way of living and they have the different coping mechanism for their problems.
When you meet these people you get to understand their ways of living life and coping mechanism for solving the problems which might be helpful for your situation also.

3. You get lots of stories:

When you travel different places, you get to have different experiences bad or good anything. Different places have different people with different cultures and you watch them, understand them

after all this when you get back you will have different stories to tell your family, friends and kids about how you went to the place, their food, their culture, their people, the nature and surrounding, things you like about that place, things you didn't like about the place.


5. Increased Energy levels:

When you go on a trip or holiday enjoy there at most because you don't have any tension about your work, the deadlines, the stress for completion of work or anything regarding the stress you had in your daily life.

With the help of a good trip, you tend to cleanse your whole system and the new level of energy is produced inside your mind, body and soul, which help you when you get back to work. No irritable minds, great enthusiasm for work and increased creativity resulting in increased productivity level providing success and compliments for your work both.


With these points mentioned above, you will be now convinced that having a holiday is not stressful task rather it releases tensions and all the stress we tend to build up during about daily life routine. Taking a break is necessary. Sure before travelling, you must do certain planning’s and certain preparations must be done to avoid any hassle during the trips. Things like pre-ticket bookings, hotels bookings, certain things about the place you are going are important to know. Also things like money, travelling tickets, passports or any documents must be kept carefully.


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