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If you want to feel like a Maharaja, fly with AirIndia

With the development of the technology, many areas were developed for Show More

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If you want to feel like a Maharaja, fly with AirIndia

With the development of the technology, many areas were developed for making our lives easier. Some of the great inventions has totally changed our lives such as mobile phones and smartphones. The world seems very small with this invention as the whole world is now connected with us and every information we need is just a click away. Just like the smartphone has made communication or interaction with other people has made easy similarly development of travelling means has made our lives very very easy. Earlier people have travel either by foot or by bullock cart. Such means of travelling were slow and even tiring. Walking miles and miles takes too much time which took at least 4-5 days to reach a place or a different city. therefore people likely to avoid travelling because of the time taking and tiring.


But now the time has changed and travelled these days is much easier and hassle-free as compared to earlier times because there are buses, trains and flights. For shorter distance and even for the longer distance you can use the bus, generally, for longer distance, the trains and flights are considered totally depending upon your choice and mood. Buses and trains take a little more time to reach your destination if the distance is very much whereas the flights are literally life-saving and time-saving because they can give you the same day reaching to one place from another. Okay, we agree there is a price difference between a bus ticket, a train ticket and a flight ticket and generally the flight tickets are more costly. But of course, flights do have an extra benefit of travelling the same day from one place to another without any hassle.


So, when talking about the flights AirIndia is one of the best flight services run by a govt-owned enterprise. Airindia also provides services like Airbus and 94 domestic and international flights. The best thing about the AirIndia flights is the food and the seat selection scheme. So, if you are travelling on a flight of AirIndia you will be served with the quality food equal to royal style food depending on your duration of the flight and the class of your flight. That is only because of the cost of different classes you travel on the flight so the services have to be different. But don't worry whatever food is served to whichever is delicious and taste heavenly. Also, the food is made using high quality and fresh raw ingredients. There is a wide variety of food available in AirIndia depending upon your taste and choice. Be it a veg or non-veg dish, dishes for lactose intolerant person, children dishes, small babies food, foods for Jain and Moslem meal, a meal especially curated for Muslims. You have to give the staff a prior notice about your choice of food and voila your favourite will be in front of you even away from the home. And on International flights, you can even liquor if you want with nuts and other refreshments.


Another best feature about the AirIndia flights is the seat selection scheme, which requires an extra payment but through this, you can choose a seat which can give you extra leg space for relaxed seating and get you easy access out the flight just after landing. You don't have to wait for a longer or stand in a long queue to get out of the flight and the airport. This service is very good service for people who are in hurry or some disabled person who can't handle the crowd or for the person who has claustrophobia which fear of a closed space. Such seats are generally located near the emergency exist and passengers are requested to co-operate totally with the crew in times of emergency because they have since the entire crew is much experienced in emergency situations than the passenger himself. Sometimes this service is free of cost when the seat is booked during D4 Hours which means 240 minutes. So, if you want to book a specific seat you need to book it in under 240 minutes before the take-off.


Hence, all and all AirIndia flights can be termed as the great choice in terms of flights because the amount you are paying for your seat is providing you with the choice of seat you want also the amazing tasting food. So, even if the cost is little higher it is actually worth it. But you can cut down the prices by using Airindia coupon codes and AirIndia discount coupon codes available on the website of AirIndia. Here you can find the AirIndia domestic flight codes and AirIndia INT flight codes separately making it easier for you to do the bookings of yours. The AirIndia offers a great deal for regular travellers in the name of AirIndia promo codes which can be used during the booking of the flights.

But you can also cut the rates when you pre-plan your trip and book a ticket a little earlier before your trip because when booking a flight the early you took a ticket the lest cost you have to pay to the airlines. Hence, a little pre-planning never hurt because it can make you cut the actual price making save more.