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Travelling, holidays are two words which make us very happy. Well, holidays are the one who is capable of making our all worries went off the hill and helps to relax and energise for coming shits to handle. Travelling makes us happy because technically they give us a little tiny holiday form all the works. Why? Because you are travelling how you are able to work? Okay, there can be some people who are extremely busy with their and utilise their travel time in working too. Well, leave them because actually, we are talking about the general people. So, there are different means of travelling like buses, railways and airways. Airways are considered to be the safest, easiest and comfortable means of travelling. You also get meals and other services according to class you are travelling because of the difference in prices of different classes there is the difference of services for different classes. But you don't have to worry because every service an airline staff gives are top quality and they are very helpful too.


Airlines are of course considered to be the safest means of travelling in terms of theft and other problems and one should always have precautions when travelling be it a flight or a bus, any misfortune can happen anytime. So, to ensure your safety during flights, few points are mentioned here and when you follow them you can be sure that no matter what you are safe from your side. The tips are followed:


1. Motion Sickness:

Motion sickness is very common in people, due to turbulence the plane or aircraft starts trembling and people feel sick with that motion. This generally happens when they have some spicy or heavy food before the flight or have some breathing problem with them. For avoiding such situation you ask for a seat which is middle of the flight, also you must have light suffer before the flight.


2. Anxiety:

People have anxiety issue before the flight mostly people who are travelling for the first time or after a very long time; they feel the anxiety of flying. This actually happen either when you don't have the experience of flying or have forgotten the feel of being on a flight. Man operated flights are till known safest and you need to worry about and when you still feel the same thing talk to someone who can calm you, breathe in counting 1 2 3 and breathe out on the count of three for 10 minutes. You will feel better after a while.


3. Lowering of cabin pressure:

Although the pressure of the cabin is made normal before the flight but sometimes during takeoff and landing the pressure may decreases or increases and you can feel some discomfort during that. Although cabin crew is always there to take care of you still when you feel discomfort during the flight you can chew sweet candies, move your jaw side to side and try not to sleep during the take-off and landing.


4. Food and drinks:

Well, foods and drinks play an important part while travelling through flights. Try having light food and drinks, plenty of water is the important thing you must have rather any alcoholic drinks or carbonated drinks. Water will keep you hydrated and make you feel better and won't let suffer from vomiting or diarrhoea or any other health issue. Also, try to avoid heavy and spicy food if you have to catch a morning flight because in the morning your body is most reactive which can lead you to different health issues.


When travelling for the first time you from flight it's exciting. It's always exciting when we do something new and when it's adventurous or I would say kind of adventurous. It is very normal if feel anxiety during flights but does not have worry about anything because all the flight attendants are fully trained and efficient and they can take care of you if any misfortune happens. Yet with the above-mentioned points, you can protect yourself from any of the alter situations.


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