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Life is worthless if you haven’t tried Behrouz Biryani

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Life is worthless if you haven’t tried Behrouz Biryani

"BIRYANI" the name itself is enough for you to fill the mouth with the taste and the flavours and the amazing aroma of the bowl or the earthen pot of biryani. A biryani is a rice dish which consists of amazing aromatics and spices and any kind of meat be it chicken or mutton. The marinating of the chicken and the mix of spices makes the great taste of biryani. A charcoal smoker or a slow cooker add the amazing character to the biryani. When heard of the name Biryani the royal taste and the royal culture of nawabs comes to our mind because technically biryani is a royal dish which is actually discovered by the nawabs.  

So, technically if you want to eat the best tasting biryani you need to go to Hyderabad. No, of course not because Behrouz Biryani is one of a kind biryani seller which is an authentic recipe of the ancient city "Behrouz". When you will go to the website of there will be quote "the recipe was found by the archaeologist who was in search of something and found the recipe of authentic biryani of Behrouz". Well, this can be marketing strategy or can be a true story, who cares about the story instead we all are interested in the taste of course and this surely tastes amazingly great, delicious and mouthwatering. Why is biryani to die for?

1. Complete meal:
Biryani is actually a complete meal, you can add anything into it and your one-pot dish is ready to it. You can add vegetables, chicken, meat, prawn, eggs or any kind of stuff you want to add the biryani will make all the elements like it was made to be there. 

2. Satisfy all the taste buds:
With the variety of elements, a biryani contains are able to satisfy all your taste buds and the all the mood swings of your will be cured just like that, just have a bowl or a plate of biryani and you are set. #biryanigoals

3. Different varieties:
With the same name, you can explore different varieties of biryani by adding different elements such as chicken, mutton, different vegetables, panner, prawn and etc. Only biryani is the dish which can use all the ingredients gracefully and make them a part of it. 

4. Can be taken at any time of the day:
Biryani something which no can say no and can be taken any time of the day, like lunch, dinner or could be a snack. The versatility of this dish, not something unknown. 

5 Both Veg and Non-Veg:
The classic Biryani dish is both available in veg variants and non-veg variants. So, no one has to adjust because he or she is either vegetarians and do the non-veg dishes or non-vegetarians who just for hunger eat the vegetarian food. 

6. Available everywhere:
Biryanis are so versatile that it is available almost everywhere. So, you don't have to go to a certain place for having a plate of biryani because of dude it is available everywhere. If you like the biryani of a certain place then dear friend you certainly have to go to that place to have the favourite plate of biryani of yours.

Behrouz biryani has some awesome range of biryanis which is, of course, dying for. The varieties which Behrouz offers are the classic and authentic recipes straight from the ancient city of Iran which is Behrouz which was used to serve at the festivals and any kind of grand events, the dish was actually a layered rice which consists of vegetable and meat which was also mix with lots of spices and aromatics which is now known as today's biryani. 

So, if you are located in Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gurugram, Noida, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmadabad, Indore, Bhopal, Nagpur, Faridabad, Ghaziabad then you can enjoy the authentic taste of Biryani. The delivery is always fuzz free and easy with the payment. The varieties Behrouz has are available in different servings such as single serving, king size servings and kilo servings. Also, since the IDD is approaching so having this special festival Behrouz have Ramadan special biryanis which are very tasty and amazing. Also, Behrouz has different kinds of dessert which is again very tasty and you will not be able to resist any of them. 

Behrouz is also available with coupon codes and discount coupon codes which will help in cutting the cost of the heavy bookings. The complimentary dishes with biryani which is salty and raita are equally amazing and the packaging of the food is just mind-blowing, spill proof and protected from getting cold for a longer duration plus it does provide fast service as hunger should not overtake your mind is Behrouz's key to success. Hence, stop eating the general biryanis and taste the authentic biryani's from Behrouz and take the feel of nawabipan in your mind with just a spoonful of biryani from Behrouz.