3 Best Pressure Cooker Reviews with Buyer's Guide & FAQs


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3 Best Pressure Cooker Reviews with Buyer's Guide & FAQs

Pressure cookers are one of the most well-known cookware that is found in an Indian kitchen. Alongside various different uses, the most widely recognized reason for utilizing pressure cookers is their ease of use and simplicity of cooking.

The pressure cookers cook quicker than other cookware as well as give incredible eco-friendliness. In this way, on the off chance that you were anticipating purchasing a simple to utilize, multipurpose cookware for yourself, the pressure cookers would be an extraordinary decision.

The significant explanation behind the huge presence of pressure cookers is convenience. The pressure cookers can be utilized in different manners as indicated by need and they are nearly quicker and give better cooking. That is the motivation behind why you can without much of a difficulty can find a pressure cooker in each Indian home kitchen.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different things that you should know before buying another pressure cooker for your kitchen. Aside from the FAQs, and buyer's guide, we are additionally going to discuss the 3 best pressure cookers that you can purchase in the year 2020.

Along these lines, regardless of whether you are wanting to purchase another pressure cooker and are eager to get some valuable tips, or are searching for a couple of proposals, this article is going to help you a great deal. Remain with us until the end, and clear the entirety of your questions in regards to the pressure cookers and purchasing an ideal one for your home kitchen.

Best Buy Pressure Cooker Online In India

Prior to delving further into purchasing the pressure cookers, we should initially view the main 3 pressure cookers that you can purchase this year. The list has been set up by keeping factors like working, value for cash and brand esteem. Along these lines, you can totally depend on the list on the off chance that you are searching for quality and proficiency. Thus, now we begin with the list.

1. Hawkins Contura Hard Anodised Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Hawkins has been one of the best options of Indian while buying a pressure cooker. Regardless of whether it is about the fabricate quality, dependability, or extras accessibility, you can totally depend on the brand. With its Contura scope of Hard Anodised pressure cookers, the organization has stayed faithful to its commitments made with the clients to give the best value for money.

This pressure cooker from Hawkins has the 1.5-liter limit and is a perfect item for the bachelors. The splendid double shading tone makes it an extraordinary pressure cooker to take a look at, and is similarly simple to utilize.

On the off chance that you were anticipating purchasing a simple to utilize and proficient pressure cooker for a single individual, this would be the best pressure cooker you can settle on in this price range.

Probably the best highlights/focuses about the Hawkins Contura 1.5 Liter pressure cooker are given as follows. Experience them, and afterward choose whether you should get it you're your kitchen, or not.

  • Heat up quicker
  • Easy to clean and simple maintenance
  • Reliable and quicker cooking
  • Best worth for money

On the whole, in the event that you were searching for a more secure, simpler to keep up pressure cooker, this will be the most ideal decision to go with. Give your hands a shot it, and you won't be frustrated.

Warranty: This cooker accompanies 5 years warranty

Things we liked:

• It can serve 3 to 4 people effectively as it has 3 liters limit

• It utilizes less water to cook meals by protecting nutritious value of food

• Compatible to use on gas stove

• Ideal pressure cooker for little families

• The flat base permits the cooker to lay on the gas stoves easily

2. Prestige svachh clip-on mini hard anodized 3 litre pressure cooker

Key Features

• Unique top with safe-locking

• Maximum Safety

• Heat Resistance Handles

• High Quality Stainless Steel Body

• Toughened Glass Lid

• Induction and Gas Compatible

• Kitchen to Table

• Ladle Holder.

With the new scope of across the board Clip-On, you can now sauté, steam, fry, boil and pressure cook .The Clip-on range is Modular in configuration, which means you can utilize a similar one of a kind top on all the utensils in this range. The cover can be set in any position and be shut securely by turning. What's more is that it accompanies an additional Glass Lid which can be utilized for filling in too. Accessible in cooker and cookware shapes, it is one of the best offering in Kitchen to Table range cookware! The Clip-On run accompanies a more extensive yet shorter pressure cooker body when contrasted with different variations in Clip-on.

Unique Universal Lid

One Lid can fit all the Clip-On cookware scope of various sizes. Likewise the cover can be put toward any path (no drags) and turn in right bearing to close, making it extremely simple to close and open. The top accompanies a heat safe handle for comfort.


The base is induction and gas stove good. The base is comprised of acceptable quality Hard Anodised Aluminum and Stainless Steel which encourtime-periods quicker cooking and thus limits gas utilization.

Glass Lid With Ladle Holder

Transparent glass top can be utilized for cooking just as for putting ladle (Spoon) on handle which makes the utilization helpful and sterile.

Most Extreme Safety

Clip On is made to give elevated expectations of security. It accompanies four degrees of wellbeing: Metallic security plug, Weight valve assembly, Central Gasket discharge framework and Pressure Indicator. Because of visual pressure pointer and security lock include, when steam is develop, at that point the pressure cooker cover can't be opened, in this way making it very safe to utilize.


This cooker comes and with a glass top because of which it very well may be utilized as Pressure cooker and Cookware also. It is appropriate for Saute, Steaming, Frying, Boiling, Deep browning and Pressure cooking. Because of the alluring plan it is ideal Kitchen to Table utensil for your Kitchen.

Body Material

The Clip-on Body is made of Hard Anodised Aluminum which gives it preferable looks and longer life over pure Aluminum. It is ideal for cook and fills need. It has solid handle with double screws and flame guard making it helpful to utilize.

3. Pigeon Induction Base Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Pigeon has been an incredible brand for kitchen machines. The brand is known to deliver excellent items that are reasonable and offer splendid worth for money. This pressure cooker from Pigeon is an ideal decision for the purchasers who are searching for a perfect external cover pressure cooker that prepares food quicker as well as is a lot simpler to clean and keep up.

Alongside an exceptionally strong body and incredible structure, one more in addition to point about the pressure cooker that makes it an extraordinary purchase is the acceptance induction base. The cooker can without much of a stretch be utilized in the gas oven and in the acceptance cooktop according to the necessities.

In this way, in the event that you were searching for a cooker that can be utilized in various manners and is simpler to keep up, this pressure cooker from Pigeon would be a perfect decision for you. Probably the best highlights of the pressure cooker are listed as follows go them and afterward make your call.

  • Lightpressure and simple to keep up
  • Outer lid design makes it simpler to mix and cook food
  • Works great on gas stove and induction

In this way, if these were the highlights you were searching for, and are not very quick to go through a great deal of cash in the pressure cooker, at that point this cooker from pigeon would be the best item for you to go with. 3-liter limit makes it a perfect pressure cooker for a family unit of 3-4 people.

Types of Pressure Cooker You Should Know

The following significant thing that you ought to consider while buying another pressure cooker is to think about the correct type of cooker for your home. Alongside the size, it is critical that you pick the correct type of pressure cooker that will assist you with making things simpler for you in the kitchen.

Thus, here are the significant types of pressure cookers accessible in the market that you can buy from the market and from the online stores. Experience them, and afterward pick the most appropriate one as indicated by your requirements and likings.

The pressure cookers are grouped by the time-period and the manner in which the top covers the pressure cookers. In this way, here is a short depiction of various types of cookers that will assist you with purchasing the privilege and the most reasonable cooker for your home.

Arrangement as indicated by the time-period:

Time-period 1

The original of the most seasoned kind of pressure cookers has a weight-bearing valve over them which are utilized to direct the pressure of the holder. These cookers were bulkier than the second and current time-period pressure cookers and were a ton loud as well.

Time-period 2

Second era pressure cookers are more dependable, simpler to deal with and productive than the original. In addition, they utilize the spring-stacked valves utilized in this time-period were more secure and significantly more solid than the weight-bearing valves of original pressure cookers.

Arrangement as indicated by the top cover:

External Lid

Pressure cookers with external top are a splendid decision for those users who wants to purchase a pressure cooker to make curries and other soupy things that should have been mixed sometimes. In any case, they are not considered as secure as the pressure cookers with Inner top covers.

Internal Lid

Pressure cookers with internal tops are considered as a more secure decision for homes and on the off chance that you were searching for a pressure cooker with restricted usefulness however has appropriate safety highlights, these pressure cookers will be the best item for you.

Arrangement as indicated by the material:

Hard-Anodized Pressure Cooker

Hard-Anodized pressure cookers are incredible to take a look at. Aside from the looks, they are more sturdy, productive and extraordinary conductors of heat. In addition, the material is more beneficial than Aluminum pressure cookers.

In spite of the fact that they are generally more costly than different kinds of pressure cookers, they offer incredible worth for your cash. In this way, on the off chance that you were searching for the best pressure quality, at that point you ought to put resources into a Hard Anodized pressure cooker.

Stainless Steel pressure cooker

On the off chance that you were after incredible worth for your cash pressure cooker that isn't just quicker yet additionally is much more beneficial than the Aluminum pressure cookers, the Stainless steel pressure cooker would be the most ideal decision for you.

Aluminum pressure cooker

These are the most well-known and reasonable kinds of pressure cookers accessible in the market. On the off chance that you are anticipating purchasing a solid, and effective pressure cookers that are moderate than different kinds of pressure cookers accessible in the market, the Aluminum pressure cooker will be the most ideal decision for you.

Thus, this was a short depiction of the kinds of pressure cookers. Presently once you know about the various types of cookers, you will have the option to choose effectively and all the more carefully that which kind of cooker would be a superior decision to go with.

Key Points to get the Best Pressure Cooker For Your Home Kitchen

The following and the most significant thing while at the same time buying another pressure cooker is to pick the privilege and the absolute best one for you. In the event that you are purchasing the pressure cooker just because and have no understanding of purchasing cookware then there are opportunities of a lifetime that you opt to the modest and substandard quality pressure cooker for your homes. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you remember coming up next buyer’s guide, at that point you can be guaranteed to purchase the best and the most dependable pressure cooker for your home.

Pick the correct size

The first and the most significant that to be thought of while buying a pressure cooker is the size of the cooker. To locate the reasonable size of the cooker, we would suggest you to think about your family size and cooking needs. Purchasing too little or too big pressure cookers won't just use more energy but at the same time is difficult to keep up.

The material can be a significant thing to search for

Aluminum pressure cookers are considered as the most broadly utilized pressure cookers in the market. In any case, they are bad for human wellbeing. It is fundamental that you remember these little things and afterward pick an ideal pressure cooker with great quality material. Perhaps they are costly than the typical aluminum pressure cookers, they are ideal for the home cooking.

In this way, pick the material cautiously as you are going to make a drawn out speculation by buying a pressure cooker.

Brand value plays a significant job

Another significant thing that must be thought of while buying another pressure cooker is the brand. Try to pick a trusted brand to show signs of improvement warranty, extras, and better form quality. Picking another or less expensive brand may not be a decent decision as you can't depend on them for wellbeing and performance.

Instructions to Use a Pressure Cooker

Purchasing a fresh out of the plastic new pressure cooker and placing it into utilization has not many of the most significant advances which should be followed. Let us take a look at them, as we find out about How to Use a Pressure Cooker:


Before you begin utilizing the pressure cooker, ensure you are intensive with the guidelines. Read the guidance manual totally and understand the activity of the pressure cooker. The directions to utilize the pressure cooker must be seen freshly, before utilizing it.

Know your pressure cooker

Seeing every single piece of the pressure cooker is significant. Just look at the body of the pressure cooker, the top cover just as the whistle. Search for any bits of the pressure cooker that isn't all around made.

Water test

The pressure cooker's principle usefulness is to keep up and create the pressure inside. So as to test for pressure, a water test ought to be done. It helps in testing the proficiency of the pressure cooker, regardless of whether it can withstand the pressure and release appropriately or not. So as to do the water test, do these steps:

  • Fill up the pot of the pressure cooker with one liter of water.
  • Set your pressure cooker to the most extreme maximum point. Try not to set it to a base or center maximum point, as you are trying the greatest withstanding limit of the cooker.
  • Then, follow it up by putting it over the fire at the most highest heat possible. Testing the water will likewise permit the pressure cooker to kil all the germs which are available inside the pressure cooker toward the start.
  • Keep checking the pressure marker. When the pressure pointer comes up, you will comprehend that the pressure cooker is feeling the squeeze.
  • Under such a condition, bring down the heat of the fire to medium-low so the water continues bubbling inside the pressure cooker. Keep the pressure cooker on for around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After this, you are advised to move out the pressure cooker from the top of the stove and get the pressure cooker far from the heat from around ten to fifteen minutes. Permit the pressure inside the cooker to be decreased and the water to have quieted down, if likewise any left.
  • There must a steam discharge feature which is accessible in your pressure cooker. Utilize the steam discharge capacity of the cooker to deliver the steam from the pressure cooker or you can release the steam from the pressure cooker in a simple natural manner.
  • This was the last advance of the water test and it prepares your pressure cooker for additional utilization. The water test is a significant test that is utilized to check the pressure withstanding limit of the pressure cooker.
  • Some safeguards like tight-fitting of the pressure cooker, the internal seal of the cooker are effectively positioned and the pressure discharge valve set appropriately the correct way, must be considered before utilizing the pressure cooker.

Pressure Cooker Safety Tips

The following are a portion of the safety tips that you have to follow while utilizing a pressure cooker.

1. Before you begin cooking with the pressure cooker, consistently check the gasket that lines the top of the cooker. It shouldn't be broken or dried out because of overuse. It is suggested that you replace the gasket every year to stay away from the issue of not working appropriately. There shouldn't be any dried food on the edge of the pot.

2. For your cooker to arrive at appropriate pressure, you generally need to guarantee to fill it with least a minimum range of water as without water there wouldn't be any steam framing and it harms your cooker. In the event that steam doesn't develop, simply include some more water for it to arrive at the pressure.

3. The pressure cooker shouldn't be loaded up with more than 66%, as it obstructs the vents with food.

4. Once the food is prepared, you have to deliver pressure. It is very well may be done in three different ways:

  • Let the cooker sit away from heat until all the pressure goes down.
  • Run cold water on the top cover.
  • Use a steam discharge valve to let rapidly get away the pressure. Ensure you avoid the steam vent while doing this.

5. Do not utilize more than the suggested oil in the pressure pan for frying.

6. The washing of the pressure cooker ought to be done absolutely. The gasket, top cover, and pot should be washed separately. If necessary, clean the valve with a thin instrument like a wooden toothpick so it moves freely without being trapped. Then after washing, hold the cover upside down on the pot and let air move freely.

7. Be extra cautious while you are cooking foamy recipes. These will in general rise and block the pressure which is a rick to the cooker. Everytime fill the cooker beneath the most extreme permitted point.

Pressure Cooker Frequently Asked Questions

For the purchasers who are purchasing the pressure cooker just because, there are various inquiries in regards to buy the pressure cookers. Some of such FAQs are discussed below, and on the off chance that you likewise have a few questions about the pressure cookers, at that point these focuses can help you a great deal.


1. Are Pressure Cookers Safe To Use?

Truly, they are totally safe to utilize. Notwithstanding the explanation behind purchasing the pressure cooker, you can find a reasonable and safe pressure cooker for you. Simply be additional aware while managing the steam, and they are ideal for regular cooking.


2. Is cooking in a pressure cooker healthy?

Truly, pressure cooking is one of the quickest and most healthy methods of cooking. The pressure cooking prepares the food totally as well as sets aside lesser effort to cook it deliciously. Along these lines, on the off chance that you were searching for a simple and solid approach to prepare food, the pressure cooker would be an ideal decision for you.


3. Which pressure cooker is the best steel or Aluminum?

Healthwise, pressure cookers made with stainless steel are similarly better than the aluminum pressure cookers. Preparing food in Aluminum vessels isn't considered as safe as they discharge poisonous synthetic substances that can be unsafe to human in long terms. Then again, steel doesn't deliver poisonous components at higher temperature subsequently is alright for cooking. The steel pressure cookers might be somewhat heavier and costly than the aluminum ones, yet they are valuable in purchasing for homes.


4. What size of pressure cooker do I need?

The perfect size of a pressure cooker normally relies upon your cooking needs and your family size. On the off chance that you have 3-4 individuals in your family, at that point purchasing a 3-liter pressure cooker would be an incredible decision for you and on the off chance that you are cooking for a single individual, at that point it is prompted that you pick a littler 1.5 or 2-liter pressure cooker for yourself.


5. Would I be able to utilize a pressure cooker on an induction cooktop?

Indeed. Be that as it may, just on the off chance that you purchase such pressure cookers. Ensure that the pressure cooker you are purchasing is proposed for the induction cooktops. Not all the models are induction acceptance good and you should check it before making the buy.


The Final Call

Altogether, on the off chance that you are anticipating purchasing multipurpose cookware that performs immaculately and saves fuel and time for you, you should hope to purchase another pressure cooker for your kitchen. You can either pick any of the above-listed pressure cookers or follow the buyers’ manual guide to search the most appropriate and dependable pressure cooker for your kitchen.

Despite the manner in which you pick, buying a new pressure cooker is unquestionably going to improve your cooking abilities and you can give your hands a shot more up to date plans that taste delightful as well as cook quicker. In the event that you are going to purchase an electric rice cooker you can likewise check survey for this online.