6 shades of lipsticks every women should own before 20s

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6 shades of lipsticks every women should own before 20s

Lipsticks are a common element and very important element of everyday makeup. This is a powerful element of the makeup which can accentuate the overall face of yours. Whether you are going out with friends or going to the office the right kind of lipstick can make the magic on your face and you look great in it. Many when you don't want put much makeup but still want to have a good look just add a red or pink lipstick and you are good to go.


Okay, there are no women or even men who would disagree the power of lipstick and we are sure there are no women who would go wouldn't have a lipstick. So, just like some staple items of clothing, you must have similarly there are some lipstick colours that every woman should own for having fabulous looks for every occasion.So here we go:

1. The classic bold red:


This is the colour every woman should because you never go wrong with the classic bold red colour. This colour elevates your face and some brightness to it in just a glide giving you the sexy, edgy and bold look which I guess every woman want to look like. This colour is for every skin tone hence no skin-tone complication. There are many shades of red available in the market but check for the 2-3 shade darker to your skin tone and you will look fab.

2. The Nudes:

The nudes are a must have for every woman, because there are days when sometimes you don't want to put too much makeup but still want to look good and nudes are the one for your saviour. Nudes are perfect for days and nights and goes every skin tone. Also, if you are an eye makeup lover then you are going to love Nude shades of lipstick since with nude shades of lipstick you can do a bold smokey eye look without looking extra.

3. Luminous plum:

You might have overheard from some sources that plum is not the colour of the Indian skin tone but trust me, just use it once and you are going to love it. You can opt for shiny or matt plum. The extreme change in your face will make you go crazy and fall in love with yourself when you will see your face in the mirror. The colour on your skin tone will make a magic giving you a sexy, bold and edgy look.

4. Flirty Pink:

Pink shade lipstick is a universal colour which every woman and even girls can own. Pink can be of various shades such as hot pink, magenta, baby pink etc which a girl or women can choose according to her skin tone. You can surely trust this colour whenever you can't decide what lipstick to put on. This colour is ideal for the day look and looks cool when carrying in summers. Remeber to keep your eyes not that heavy and simply made to avoid any over the top look.

5. Perfect Peach:

This can be counted as a nide colour since it's a light colour and goes with almost all the look. Ideal for when you want to wear a heavy or dark dress or want a heavy eye makeup. This colour makes you look cuter and natural like you haven't put anything at all.

6. Orange:

If you are going to choose a white or black outfit for the day, then orange is the colour you must choose for your lips for sure. The celebs are going mad over this colour and are one of the most favourite colours of the all the celebs. This colour is playful and head turner colour which can go from wheatish to fair skin tone. You need clear eyeliner and just a hint of shiner to your cheekbones for applying this colour to your lips and yo the sexy look of yours is ready to go for rocking people.

Lipsticks are an important part of makeup and a little makeup won't harm you if you are not a fan of makeup. But if are a fan of makeup then you know exactly what makeup can do to anyone. It can turn a normal looking person into a diva giving them lots and lots of confidence to cope up with people every day. Also, for those who don't know go for neutral eyes if you are using a darker shade lip colour and go for neutral lips if you want a heavy or darker eye makeup. This trick will balance your look and won't attract any extra attention for you.

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