Bohemian fashion is not that tough anymore

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Bohemian fashion is not that tough anymore

Being fashionable is something everyone wants and get praised for their sense of style. The best way to stay stylish is to keep experimenting with the looks either you will look good or you will get the lesson for the next time for what you don't have to do when styling yourself. So, here is a thing, try the bohemian style. Its unique, its cool, its simple, and all-time favourites. This style went popular during the 90s which often referred to as boho chic or boho. We know fashion and styles revamp themselves and so is this boho chic is. This year the boho chic style is back and ready for you rock in this style.

Bohemian style can be a bit tricky and difficult to put on but with some basics, you will be able to put together in an easy way without any hassles and let yourself known as a 'boho chic". So, some of the basic clothing pieces of bohemian style making easy for you have a bohemian style are below:

1. Maxi Dresses:

A simple printed maxi dress is one of the pieces you can have for pulling a bohemian style, there is various kind of dresses available say full sleeves, spaghetti dress, sleeveless dress etc. You can choose any printed dress. These are ideal for any season with some alterations. like with a jacket and boots maxi dress is ready for winters and with a hat, a simple sleeper and big bag the dress is ready for summers. For summer look you can try on the floral prints and for winters you can try on the geometrical shapes, although every print is good.

2. A simple Maxi Skirt:

A simple Maxi dress will look good on you and also it is safe when you can't decide what to wear. you can pair the maxi dress with a plain solid colour top when the skirt is printed, also it can be paired with a crop top and a stole. Depending on the occasion you can choose the footwear, if you are having the outing with friends then you can wear flat sandals or the gladiator sandals or if its a date night then you can wear your heels with it.

3. Flared Jeans:

Well, the actual boho dresses are flared in which you can twirl around and feel the wind. The bell bottoms, flayerd jeans, flowy kimonos can give effortlessly give you the boho chic look. You can pair the bottoms with stylish crop tops and t-shirts with a funky slogan and shoes of your choice. Also if you think you have skinny legs then bell bottoms would be a nicer option for you.

4. Bell Sleeves:

Simple yet elegant bell sleeves are very much in style and certainly get you the boho chic style. This retro look is amazing and was very popular in the 90s and has come back now in the name of the boho chic style. The bell sleeves top can be paired with straight fitted jeans or the bell bottoms or even with skirts it will look good.

5. Patterns:

Patterns are the main thing for which the boho style is famous for, whenever you are taking clothes of boho style take patterned and textured clothes the one with unique patterns like geometrical shapes, choose unique pieces so you can look unique from the crowd. Experimenting is done only to look out of the box and unique which not everyone can do.

6. The footwear:

Footwear like nude coloured ankle boots or strappy sandals or gladiators or the easy slip on is the boho style actually. They go with every dress, not just clothing pieces we mentioned for boho fashion. The boots will look good with a maxi dress or a skirt or even with jeans. Along with the footwear the chunky street fashion statement jewellery pieces, fringe in bags and the headbands and bandanas are also add on to the boho chic style for fashion quotient.

Bohemian style or we should say the boho-chic style is unique out of the box and fresh style which every girl can carry with ease, just following few steps and applying few tips and tricks she can be a boho chic or a style diva around her people. Fashionable people are always a topic of buzz around and who don't like being the topic of gossip for a good reason of course? So, think openly and for next outing, whether you have to work or party or just hand out with friends try these boho-chic pieces for getting a completely different look from everyday style and we are sure you would grab the attention of many.

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