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by Disha Sharma - 1 year ago

Strapless Bras – You Really Need to Know

Let’s admit it: strapless bras are the ultimate savior. As you can tell, we are completely smitten by the magic of these bras, after all, aren’t these the best? They are perfect for outfits where even the slightest show of straps can ruin the look. P...

by Editor - 4 years ago

Bohemian fashion is not that tough anymore

Being fashionable is something everyone wants and get praised for their sense of style. The best way to stay stylish is to keep experimenting with the looks either you will look good or you will get the lesson for the next time for what you don't hav...

by Editor - 4 years ago

6 shades of lipsticks every women should own before 20s

Lipsticks are a common element and very important element of everyday makeup. This is a powerful element of the makeup which can accentuate the overall face of yours. Whether you are going out with friends or going to the office the right kind of lip...