Clothing hacks you should know for being a fashionista

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Clothing hacks you should know for being a fashionista

Let us accept the fact that we all want an effortless fashion every day which not only makes us look good but also let us feel good about yourself. But it is actually very difficult for us to have that effortless fashion sense all the time, we can't even copy our favorite stars who always look good because there is a difference between us and our stars and also we don't have that much of time and money all those good-looking clothes they wear every day. So, is that mean we can't look all the time? Well, why not, but you surely need to practice hard and keep looking at the latest trends or you can just follow all these points we are going to mention down below:

1. Colours:

Adding colours to your wardrobe is just the right time you can do for being an effortless fashionista. So, if you have lots of blues and blacks in your wardrobe then time here, for now, you add on some bright and bold colours whether you have a yellow bag, red shoes or a green dress. Remember to add just one colour or you can do some practice with colour matching otherwise you may end up looking like a clown.

2. Sweat patches:

Summers brings the bright colour clothes, ice-creams, sunshine and the sweat and their patches on clothes. Sweat patches are bad and left us to feel embarrassed anyway, so for easy removing those stains simply squeeze some lemon and put some baking soda in it before washing the clothes.

3. Lipstick stains:

Nothing is more irritating when you are ready to go out or when coming back from somewhere and you see a lipstick stain on your clothes. Lipsticks are greasy and difficult to remove, but you remove them easily now by just spraying hairspray on the stain and let it dry completely before you wash the outfit and you are done.

4. Maintaining the Shoes:

Just like we take care of our skin and clothes and we need to take care of our shoes too. Through this you can let your shoes have a good time and also it adds more life to your shoes. Also, clean and healthy shoes are a sign you care for your things and make you more responsible.

5. Resize your shoes:

New shoes are very irritating especially when you are going to wear it for the first time. But you can size your shoes, want to know how? You can wear socks, slip into your shoes and blow dry it. Also, you can put ice bags in your shoes and place them in the fridge, the ice will expand and expand your shoe size too.

6. Footwear smell:

Just like the sweat patches, sweaty people have an issue of smelly shoes too. We understand it is not your fault and this is quite normal. Don't worry we have a tip for you. All you have to take used tea bags one for each shoe, dry them and place it in the shoe for 24 hours. The smell will go out of the shoe just like that.

7. Care for pieces of denim

Like our skin need a daily care regime our clothes especially pieces of denim needs care too because pieces of denim are the one which stays for a long time with us and wearing and good denim and taking good care of them is important. So, next time you wash your denim, wash it inside out and do not dry them under the sun, this will help them in not fading them soon.

8. Undergarments:

Undergarments are something which has a direct contact to body and they need to good all the time. You must replace your undergarments after every three months or when the elastic band of the undergarment starts losing its shape. Undergarments are meant to give your body a shape which makes your clothes look good on you. So, in order to maintain the good shape of your body, you must wear nice fitted and good quality undergarments.

9. Accessories:

Every look of your is actually incomplete without accessories, it could be a simple chunky watch, a necklace, boho rings or a normal ring, beautiful and interesting patterned earrings or any other. An accessory when paired with simple clothes like wear a nicely draped stole with a simple tee or just adding a chunky piece of necklace or rings with simple clothes do wonder.

With all the tips mentioned below can help you in getting all the attention you want or need for boosting your confidence to another level. So, next time when you get ready for going out for normal events or any special event or just normal catch-up’s with your friends make sure to use all the tips and tricks mentioned above and you will nothing less than a fashion diva.

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