How to Use Bamboo Steamer Basket and Find the Best Way to Cook Healthy Steamed Meals (Buying Guide with Pictures)


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How to Use Bamboo Steamer Basket and Find the Best Way to Cook Healthy Steamed Meals (Buying Guide with Pictures)


As its name says, it is a steamer made with bamboo material simply like the bamboo sheets made of bamboo, which its minimized structure, keeps the warmth inside, permitting quick cooking.

Also, these steamers have the advantage that the bamboo gives a lovely taste and smell of food, just as keeps up the proteins and newness of food.

Bamboo steamers comprise of interlocking baskets that stack on head of one another, with a cover on top. The whole arrangement is set over a wok or pot of stewing water, and the steam ascends through the open edges at the base of every bushel, up through the layers to cook anything that's inside.

Putting resources into a bamboo steamer may appear to be unnecessary; it appears as though one of those cooking apparatuses you don't generally require. In any case, you may end up utilizing it all the more regularly that you envisioned. Steaming, as a cooking technique, is as omnipresent and significant in Asian food as preparing or simmering is in American or European cooking.

With a bamboo steamer, you can steam buns and dumplings, yet in addition breads, vegetables, rice, proteins, and cakes and different treats.

Furthermore, as we discussed in our post about how to steam food when all is said in done, steaming isn't just an extraordinary method to prepare food, it's likewise an incredible method to warm it. Since steaming reintroduces dampness into food, it very well may be an extraordinary method to make your food new by and by!

Bamboo steamers are likewise an awesome development on the grounds that their covers don't gather buildup (which would dribble onto the food in the steamer container and adjust its surface, taste, or appearance).

The specialty of steaming has for quite some time been rehearsed by Chinese cooks. In case you're prepared to begin discovering that workmanship for yourself, here are our directions on the best way to utilize a bamboo steamer.


While there are a wide range of approaches to steam food, utilizing a bamboo steamer is our favored technique for steaming pretty much anything!

In this article, we give bit by bit guidelines on the most proficient method to utilize a bamboo steamer, so you can begin exploiting this helpful cooking instrument!



Spot the bamboo steamer into your wok (or another wide-rimmed, shallow dish, similar to a wide pan), and fill it with enough water to come up over the base edge of the steamer by about a quarter inch to a large portion of an inch.

The water must come up sufficiently high to lower the base edge of the steamer in water and keep it from burning. In any case, it should likewise be sufficiently low with the goal that the bubbling water doesn't contact the base of within bed of the steamer and the food sitting on it.

NOTE: A wok is the best device to use related to a bamboo steamer, in light of the fact that the wok is dainty, making it simpler to bubble water and direct water temperature, and it has a wide edge that can oblige bamboo steamers of various sizes. All things considered, our frequently utilized bamboo steamer size is 10 inches in distance across, and it's unquestionably the universally handy size we'd suggest purchasing. In the event that you have an enormous pan that can oblige a steamer of that size, that works as well!


When you have the water level where you need it, you can line your bamboo steamer baskets. A bamboo steamer can have numerous levels. Our own has 3, and we may utilize 1, 2, or 3 at once, contingent upon how much food we need to steam.

In case you're putting food straightforwardly on the steamer bed (similar to the case with buns or dumplings, for example), you will require something to fix it with to keep the food from adhering to the bamboo. You can utilize enormous, delicate napa cabbage leaves, lettuce leaves, layers of cheesecloth, or even squares of material paper. You can likewise get round, punctured material paper steamers made explicitly for bamboo steamers, or shockingly better, reusable fabric or silicone steamers.

Whatever you line the steamer with ought to be permeable, to permit the steam to come up through the base of the steamer and course around the food to prepare it.

The main exemption to this standard is in case you're steaming marinated meats as well as vegetables, which you'll need to steam in a heatproof plate/bowl to gather any sauce/juices. In case you're steaming food in a warmth verification bowl, plate, or other holder (like the lotus leaves utilized in this formula for steamed ribs with clingy rice), you can avoid this progression.

In this model underneath, you can see that the buns are set on singular paper steamers:

What's more, in this model, you'll see that the steamer is fixed with a lotus leaf:

In this photograph, you can see instances of silicone tangles just as fabric steamers:

Lastly, in this model, the food is steamed in a heatproof dish set inside the steamer:


While setting dumplings, shumai, or buns in the steamer, don't pack them! Remember that their size will increment as they steam. Like treats on a treat sheet, they need space to extend. Continuously leave around 1 inch among dumplings, and around 1 1/2 inches between bigger buns.

In the event that you'd prefer to steam something in a bowl or plate, there is no compelling reason to line the steamer. You can put the warmth verification shallow bowl or plate legitimately in the steamer crate. Simply be certain the top despite everything fits on top. Additionally ensure that there's sufficient open space around the dish to permit the steam to ascend and course around the food. It's likewise a smart thought for the plate to have an edge, to gather any delightful sauce that may collect in the dish.

Not certain about when you'd utilize a bowl or plate to steam something? We would utilize it for steaming vegetables like butternut squash or pumpkin to make a puree for pies, cakes, and different pastries. We likewise utilize this strategy for dishes like Steamed Chicken with Mushrooms.


Presently, you can either preheat your water with the goal that it's stewing when you place the bamboo steamer into the wok or pan, or you can put the steamer into the wok/dish when the water is as yet cold and afterward turn on the warmth to slowly raise the temperature.

Except if in any case determined, our default is the last mentioned – setting the steamer onto the wok or pan when the water is cold, and afterward turning on the warmth.

NOTE: If steaming dumplings or buns that were once solidified, there is no compelling reason to defrost them! Simply place the solidified dumplings in your steamer and start the steaming procedure.


When the water in the wok/pan is stewing, it will begin to vanish. Permit the food to steam for whatever length of time that the formula shows, yet watch out for it and include bubbling water varying. Ensure you're not including cold water, or it will quit stewing and intrude on the cooking procedure.


Since we have taken a look at how a bamboo steamer functions and how one can utilize it, the time has come to take a look at a portion of the things you ought to consider before getting one.

1. Development

Development assumes a fundamental job with regards to bamboo steamers. Without it, your food will taste insipid and soaked. Other than that it, your item will likewise create oil which will prompt irksome upkeep. Ensure your bamboo steamer is made out of 100% pure BPA free bamboo. At exactly that point will you appreciate cooking in it.

2. Size

Like any cookware, you should consider the size of the bamboo steamer before getting one. On the off chance that you are an individual or even two individuals, a typical 8 inch (distance across) bamboo steamer should do the trick. In any case, on the off chance that you have bigger necessities, you should see 10 inch bamboo steamers with 2 level bamboo baskets in any event.

3. Flexibility

A decent bamboo steamer ought to furnish you with influence to cook a wide range of real Asian food as opposed to concentrating on one sort of dish. Hence, ensure that your item is flexible and can hold regular shading, flavor, dampness, and so on.

4. Wellbeing

Some bamboo steamers can discharge poisonous gases in their steam. This is very unsafe for both you and the ecosystem. Along these lines, you should ensure that your item is BPA free and eco-accommodating. Other than that, it ought to have heat safe covering outwardly that permits you to move it without agonizing over getting singed.


The benefit of purchasing a bamboo steamer is the simplicity of having the option to get new food and in a straightforward manner, at a moderate cost.

Notwithstanding its material gives food a decent taste and newness, just as having a sparing in the concocting time of to two nourishments one after another.

In the event that what you are searching for is a natural, solid and conservative approach to cook bamboo steamers, they are the perfect choice for you.


Q. Are bamboo steamers acceptable?

Indeed. Bamboo steamers are a magnificent cookware venture on the off chance that you are partial to genuine Asian food or are after steamed plans when all is said in done.

Q. Does bamboo steamer be able to sit in water?

Bamboo steamer baskets are set on bubbling water which permits them to create steam inside them. For the most part, the least connection is a pot or wok loaded up with water while the highest connection has a firmly shut top.

Q. What would I be able to place in my bamboo steamer?

Bamboo steamers can cook an assortment of dishes. Some generally cooked fixings are rice, fish, diminish wholes, dumplings, vegetables, and so on.

Q. How would you wash bamboo steamers?

Washing bamboo steamers is genuinely straightforward. In the wake of cooking, you can wipe out buildup utilizing a delicate nylon brush and tepid water. From that point onward, flush it with faucet water and let it dry.

Q. Would I be able to cook rice in bamboo steamer?

Indeed, you can. Despite the fact that the procedure may be very slow than rice cookers, bamboo steamers are far better when it comes than quality of yield as they hold all the regular flavor and supplements of rice while cooking.


To clean your bamboo steamer, wash with a wipe and mellow dish cleanser, and promptly flush altogether.

Let the steamer air dry for at any rate 2 days before putting away to forestall any mold.

Try not to put your bamboo steamer in the dishwasher. Try not to absorb it water in the sink for over 5 minutes.

We trust this article has revealed some insight into how to utilize a bamboo steamer, and why it's such a helpful cooking device in an Asian (or any) kitchen.


As of now, the market offers various alternatives for cooking steam, this time I present the bamboo type steamers, which are described by keeping up an incredible newness in food and give a decent flavor to them.

Nonetheless, it is significant that before settling on a choice, remember what your needs and financial plan are, so as to settle on the best choice and don't regret your buy.