If you also want to look effortlessly fashionable, then read this

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If you also want to look effortlessly fashionable, then read this

Whenever we see our favourite stars and celebrities wearing stylish clothes and looking fabulous all the time whether they are travelling, coming straight out of bed or coming for any event. They always look good. Have you ever wondered how come they look great all the time? Okay, yes it’s a fact that there is an army behind these celebrities are constantly working to make them look good always but agree or not but we do always want to look like our favourite celebrities but sadly we do not have such armies to work behind us to make us look good all the time.

Celebrities are okay but there are also some people around us who are born fashion people and for them putting together a look is very easy for them but there is also some people for whom being a fashionista is not that easy. Well, don't worry, this article here to give some steps through which you can easily pull together a fashionable look very easily and get all the attention you ever needed. So, let's get started:

1. Miss-matching is more fashionable:

Try experimenting with your dresses and shoes, mix-matching is the new fashion. Gone are those days when we used to wear matching clothes, shoes, earrings and etc. But now when you wear the wrong matching it is not actually a mistake it is like making a unique look in the crowd. You can wear sneakers with the dresses or you can pair heels with joggers or you can also team up a t-shirt and skirt with sneakers or canvas shoes.

2. Play with the sizes:

We know that fashion comes in all sizes and currently, there is no issue of the correct fitting clothes. You can pair a shorter piece of clothing with the oversized piece of clothing and you are good to go for having chick look. When you are pairing bigger clothes with fitting clothes, all you have to care for them in the correct proportion because you don't want to go over the top right. Few examples of clothes which you can have is a crop top with a long ruffled sleeve jacket or a with a bomber jacket or a crop top with little loose jeans or something like that. Be creative and see how many praises you can get with your style and taste.

3. Colour triplets:

Okay, this can be tricky of course because of triplets colour mixing is kind of tough, sometimes the colour triplets can also come out as a disaster too but taking risks makes you stronger and who knows the risk you take comes out gorgeously amazing. You just need to take a little care about the colour combination, after this the look which comes out is awesome and you will surely look good with that.

4. Layering’s is in these days:

Layering is the easiest way through which you can enhance your look whenever you feel like some of your clothing piece is not going with the situation. Wear a coat over a bralette or tee or you can use a scarf or a stole to hide the imperfection of the upper body or you can also wear a jacket over a shirt a spegati top or anything else. With the accessories like a hat, long chains, or a belt or leggings or fitted jeans you can pull together a look as chick style and look fashionable.

5. Some expensive jewellery and bags:

Invest in some timeless pieces of jewellery and some expensive bags, it’s a fact that expensive stuff gives you a different level of swag for carrying a fashionista look. Also, it's a proven fact that accessories polish your overall look making you look great. Also, when you invest in such expensive pieces, these are to last long as we take care of these is little more than general since they are expensive, and such timeless pieces are forever and never goes out of fashion.

Being a fashionista is itself a big compliment for everyone and of course being fashionable come to give you lots and lots of opportunities in every field because doesn't matter which field you are associated with good looks are always welcomed and helps you in getting noticed by everyone. Also, being fashionable give a different level of confidence to you for facing all the difficulties or the whole world.

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