​KWFinder SEO Keyword Tool Exclusive Features [With Pics]


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​KWFinder SEO Keyword Tool Exclusive Features [With Pics]

Researches show about KWFinder seo keyword tool as the most reliable and deep analysis keyword research tool.

So when you get the gut feeling of targeting a right keyword that was misunderstood by some people as a low competition.

You spend a lot of time in writing post, publishing it and then wait for some hours. Then check your site rankings.

Bam! You found it very disappointing when your site does not rank in the top 10 search results for your targeted keywords which took your precious time in writing.

In this post, KWFinder and explaining you how some features of KWFinder seo keyword tool will help you get some low-hanging keyword ideas to get loads of traffic to your sites.

KWFinder seo keyword tool is great for research, that’s creating a buzz lately in the trends. The tool is simple to use we personally liked the way the KWFinder has handled to make the user interface excited.

It is a very deep keyword research tool that helps find different keyword ideas and also tells you competition range of the keywords precisely.


It's an extraordinary tool for you to follow the rankings of your site for the keywords.

Above is an example screen capture of what you can anticipate from the tool.

It supports you track the rankings of your site for the keywords.

The tool has its own measurements called "Dominance Index", and also it measures the visits you are getting every month from the keywords you are tracking dependent on the keyword volumes and the rankings in which you are positioned.

You can analyze the rankings from time frames, and also channel the keywords are more specially researched.


SiteProfiler gives you a reasonable overview of the structure of site, top content, backlink profile, and every single other measurement.

You can likewise see the top content by Facebook sharing, followers and furthermore the contenders.

With the backlink profile segment in KWFinder seo keyword tool, you can show the development of backlink profile (interface speed), link types and also dofollow/nofollow backlink proportion, and so on.

This keyword tool just gives you a reasonable overview of the link profile (as indicated by Majestic), if you need more specifics, you have to utilize the keyword tool – Linkminer which I'll show in the following segment.


This is one of most up to date keyword tools offered by Mangools. With this tool, you can show the backlink profile of any site

It pulls the backlink measurements from Majestic API.

As a overview it pulls the Citation and Trust stream of the website. Alongside it with KWFinder seo keyword tool, you can likewise observe the all out backlinks and referring domains.

For the backlinks, you can include the filters. For instance, if we wish the backlinks with trust stream just over 20 to appear, we can include the above filters.

There are additionally different filters for nofollow/dofollow, and furthermore new/filed backlinks.

The new backlinks segment permits you to keep an eye on the ongoing backlinks your rivals are getting, and attempt to get them for your business as well.

Advantages and disadvantages of Mangools KWFinder

We think I've secured all the highlights that KWFinder must offer you. Presently, let us examine about pricing and limits. Prior to that, here are a portion of the upsides and downsides of KWFinder seo keyword tool.


The UI is marvelous

Exact search volumes

Best keyword difficulty score

Electronic application with no similarity or speed issues

Less expensive costs when contrasted with the business guidelines


As this is a keyword research tool, you actually may require a contender analysis tool

Not reasonable for long-runners (who carry out more than 3-4 hours of keyword research everyday)

KWFinder Pricing – Is it too much?

KWFinder Pricing

The KWFinder bunch from Mangools accompanies all the keyword tools like KWFinder, SiteProfiler and furthermore SERPWatcher.

Above is the finished screen capture of their pricing structure. If you are an easygoing blogger we prescribe you to get a basic plan that comes at $149 every year (without our readers' elite 20% discount) with KWFinder seo keyword tool.

If you are running at least 2 niche websites and wanting to push the tool to the boundaries, at that point the premium plan will be extraordinary for you. It costs you $299 without the discount.

And furthermore, you do need to take note of that premium plan accompanies 500 queries for each day and 700 related keywords for every search. While, the basic accompanies 100 searches for each day and 200 related keywords for every search.

This cost is less when contrasted with the LongTailPro, which has the beginning cost $25/month.

A reality about keyword credits that you should know: The starter plan of LongTailPro accompanies 10000 monthly keyword credits.

Each keyword proposal returned by their keyword tool tallies to monthly credits. That implies, if one seed keyword returns 100 related keywords, it'll cost you 100 credits.

For this situation, KWFinder appears to be more liberal by just considering queries restricted to results towards the credit use (200 – 500 queries every day relying on the plan).

KWFinder discount – Don't you love getting discount?

If you are thinking about buying KWFinder, here's the twist. You need not pay everything. We are offering you an exceptional discount of 20% off specially for our readers.

You have to click a link to apply the discount. You need not enter any coupon code manually, and it won't work that way as the link is special.

KWFinder seo keyword tool – FAQs

Does KWFinder give a free trial?

Sure. You will get 15 days of free trial to examine the keyword tool.

How might I get new keyword thoughts with this keyword tool?

You can utilize Google Suggest highlight to get the best exact phrases, autocomplete option for finding the long-tail keywords, and questions feature to get the inquiries based keywords.

Would i be able to refine the keywords dependent on the likelihood of positioning?

Truly, you can apply a filter dependent on a few measurements like search volume, , PPC, and so on and refine the keywords that you can rank effectively and also remove the keywords that are not useful.

Would i be able to arrange the keywords by mantaining keyword lists?

Indeed, you can make the same number of lists as you want(upto 1000 keywords for each list) and assemble them. It will be truly useful if you have different websites or customer sites to maintain.

Would i be able to import the keywords in mass?

Truly, you can do this with its mass import feature. You can likewise utilize this element to improve your local SEO.

The Final Call

From our own insight, not many tools are precise with regards to keyword difficulty score. Subsequent to inspecting countless keyword tools, the genuine rivalry was among KWFinder and LongTailPro. Furthermore, as you've found in our research, KWFinder seo keyword tool ends up being exact.