Makeup blunders you need to stop now

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There are no women out in the whole world who don't like to put makeup or want to look good. Every woman wants to look beautiful or at least look in order to get that confidence which she would be needed when going to the office or any party or some event of her. Today it is a known fact how powerful impact has makeup on someone's life, it is kind of life-changing for someone who doesn't look good in general but stunning with some makeup as these days the looks are becoming more and more important than having good talent.

For those who love to do makeup and knows how to do it, here's a thing. No matter how many products we use and no matter how many times we use the product there are times when we actually do blunders during our makeup which end up by causing depression to us. Even the professionals do such mistakes, so don't worry because mistakes are made to learn from them. So, some of the mentions are here which we often do during makeup sessions:

1. Using the same corrector for every part of face:

No wonder how efficient a person can be in makeup but this is a common error everyone does, also there are people who don't even know there are different colour concealers used for different purposes. The concealer or the skin tone corrector are of 4 types which Green, Purple, Peach Orange, Yellow and White. Ideally green used to the correct the redness and blemishes generally caused by pimples, purple is to even the skin tone, peach orange is cover the dark patches under the eyes and white is brightening the face. la girl pro concealer

2. Using the wrong foundation:

Again it is actually a common error people do, because they don't know the correct way of buying the right foundation. Generally, people check the colour of the foundation on their wrist which is a wrong way, apply the tester on your neck or cheek and the one which exactly matches your skin is the correct foundation for you.

3. Say No to waterproof mascara:

A kajal and a mascara are just enough for you to accentuate your eyes, but trouble your eyelashes using a waterproof mascara. We understand waterproof mascara are a saviour when its rainy season or when you sweat a lot, but waterproof mascaras make your lashes brittle when you use that every day. But you can use that for those special events where you can't stand looking like a zombie with leaked mascara eyes. Don't forget to apply Vaseline to your lashes before you apply the waterproof mascara.

4. Forget to apply moisturiser before makeup:

It is a must that you apply moisturiser at least 5 minutes before you apply any makeup product on your skin. Moisturised skin will help your makeup to blend more easily and also won't clog your pores with the heavy foundation since it will act as a barrier within your skin and makeup.

5. Sleeping in makeup:

It is actually very important to remove your makeup before you sleep because when you sleep with makeup it clogs your pores ends up causing acne and pimples and also stretches out your skin which is actually the cause of premature ageing of the skin. So, technically sleeping with makeup is actually a beauty blunder you do. Remember to remove makeup before you go bed every day no matter how much tired you are.

6. Forgetting cleaning makeup brushes and sponges:

Again one of the beauty blunders is not cleaning the makeup brushes and sponges because when you leave those dirty chances can be the birth of bacteria on your brushes and sponges causing damages to the skin when you use the same dirty brushes and sponges. Also, applying makeup with dirty brushes can make your makeup looks saggy and heavy on your face and also not breathable for your skin. Always change the sponges within 3 months

6. Popping the pimple:

Never ever do it, I repeat never ever do this. It is a sin for your face. We think popping out a pimple will make it dry out faster but that is not correct, rather this act opens the pores of the skin making it vulnerable for infections and bacteria. Also, popping out pimples leaves marks on your face for a longer period.

So, the makeup makes you look good and certainly gives you lots of confidence, the above-mentioned beauty blunders makes you look not so good and we don't want you to lose your confidence. So, here the thing, follow the rules and you won't do such beauty blunders making your face flawless every day ending up being confident about yourself for achieving anything in life.

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