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You like movies but don’t want to go earlier for movie tickets?

Try Bookmyshow.

What do you want to do this weekend? 
1.    Date night
2.    A great brunch with family
3.    Outing with your other half
4.    A fun vacay with kids
5.    A movie

If you do not have a partner date night is, of course, no and if you are happily single vacation with the partner is also cancelled. So, Brunch with family can be a good option for you or people who are family oriented persons. But if you are the keen watcher of the movie and have lots of interest in different genres like drama, comedy, serious comedy or something more classical or anything then the movie can be a good option. The movie is less costly and a wholesome entertainment within the stipulated time which 2 and a half hour or it can be 1 and a half hour. Depends on the genre you are choosing for the movie, mostly Bollywood masala movies are of longer duration and the Hollywood movies are of shorter duration. doesn't matter which language you are choosing or which type of movie you are choosing movies are just amazing and a single two hours movie can display the whole msg whether a moral msg or just a normal fun message. 

Also, there are many which are actually converted into movies and reading the whole thick book would be useless of course when you watch the film and understand the matter. Movies entertain, motivate, makes you sad, make you feel happy, makes you feel sorry for certain issues and many more. Lots of other things which remain unnoticed by the general people are also taken in the notice of general people through movies. Movies leave a great impact on people if the movie is actually good and sometimes some movies change the whole life and people start watching life from the different perspective. 

If a single two hours movie can do so much why not watch it regularly or even once a week?  The movies are of course a better alternative for vacation, it cheap takes less time and surely efficient the conveying the whole scenario. Okay, please don't get us wrong that movie is better than the holiday. Of course, holidays are something exotic and 100% more reliable for a relaxing period but movies are the great option when you actually do not have much time to waste but still need a break from every day or the routine robot life.

So, the point of watching a movie once in while is a good idea is now clear but the question here will now arise what about the tickets of those movies which are trending you need to first go the theatres for advance bookings of the tickets which you want to watch because trending movies makes the cinema halls or movie theatres overcrowded and ticket booking at that becomes almost an impossible task. Hence, most people drop the idea of going to the movie only because of this reason. But why to drop a plan for a very good movie? Just because the theatres are overcrowded doesn't mean you can get tickets because that you can do it online. Of course, you must be knowing it but you are worried by the extra charges they take as a service charge which we can understand and that why we are going to recommend you the Bookmyshow app or website. 

Don't know about Bookmyshow? Okay, don't you worry because of course; we are here to describe every bit of it. Bookmyshow is an app which actually books your movie tickets and additional food and beverages for your movie sitting wherever you are for anyone you want and for this you don't have to go two or three hours before for bookings. Bookmyshow also tells you every seat available so you can choose a seat of your choice making yourself more comfortable. Bookmyshow also helps you to order the foods like popcorn which is a cinema essential, coke, samosas, nachos or anything you want to binge on for your movie and that too in advance. Hence, no waiting for movie tickets and even for food or beverages you need because you already chose Bookmyshow. 

With the ease of access, Bookmyshow offers great deals and you can avail those deals by using Bookmyshow discount coupons and Bookmyshow coupon codes. You can also check the list of upcoming movies and do the bookings with Bookmyshow coming soon show. With the choice of payment option, you can book movie tickets from anywhere you want of any theatre you want depending on the area. 

Stop using the same old ways for entertainments because time has come for your change and get yourself updated with the ever-changing world for having good benefits. Entertainment has a new and easy way now, whether you want to book tickets for yourself or want to gift someone the movie tickets you can do it with Bookmyshow. There is always promo codes for different movies which can also be used while booking tickets.