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The Ultimate Guide to choosing a correctly fitting bra for yourself:

According to the research, almost 80% of the Indian ladies do not wear the bra which fits them correctly. The importance of wearing a correct is known to you, why do you think women still don’t wear correct sized bras? Clearly, they are not aware of their correct sizes and don’t even have perfect knowledge about how to find out a correct sized bra. Here we have mentioned few points where you will see what should be considered in mind while choosing a correct bra:

1.    Knowing the different shapes along with size:
As much as it is important to know your correct size knowing the correct shape of your breast is also important. Did you ask why? Individual difference brings different body structures and every bra is made according to the individual differences. There is a chance that bra you have been wearing for ages is not a correct size for you. 

2.    Coming out of your comfort zones:
There may be a brand or a bra which you love and following that from very long, but you must be open to other bra options too. Who knows when you will try a bra of a different brand, you totally going to love it? 
Chance is the rule of nature and we must always follow this rule and remain open to new things and be trying new things also gives you a more clear idea of what you want plus what suits you well.

3.    Bra also has occasions:
Yes! You read it correctly. Just like clothes, an occasion is important like traditional function, casual day out, or a date night or college events etc. The bra should be worn according to dresses you wear. 
Be it your traditional dresses, t-shirts which a seamless bra or you western dresses like off shoulder, backless etc needs different bras. There is a study that a woman or a girl must have at least 10 bras such as t-shirt bra, seamless bra, strapless bra, semi coverage bra, bralette, wired, underwired, lightly padded etc, for a different occasion.

4.    Look for a good fabric:
Whether some bras may look tempting and beautiful but don’t get tempted with your temptation. Whenever you go bra shopping always wear some regular dresses such as a salwar suit, t-shirts or dresses on which you can completely judge what looks better with those dresses. 
Always be practical and look for good and comfortable fabrics, also think that you can maintain those bras like cleaning etc. 

5.    Go Online:
Many will think here, in online shopping you won't get to try in person, but the description and the photos they have on their website makes easy for you the understand them, whether it can be good for you or not. The detail information of the bra such as body type, size, the fabric, how to maintain that etc is given on the website. 
With online shopping, you can get best deals on your shopping. There are few companies which provide a free trial, so you can order and try and can decide whether it is good for you or not. 

Just like you care of other clothes, bra needs a more gentle care. The more you care about them the more they will support you. The lifespan of any clothing piece, of course, depends upon how well you keep it. 
6.    Caring is important: A bra generally needs a handwash and must be dried in the shade, mild cleaning detergents should be used as the harsh detergents will affect the elastic and the material of the bra. Since you have invested well in bra, then a little more attention to your bra won’t give you anything.

7.    Must know when to replace it:
I understand that the bra you purchased is costly and you love it too, but replacing them time to time is important. If not changed after a regular interval then this will affect your shape of breasts. 
Signs, like stretching of the elastic band or using the last hook but still stretching, are enough for you to change them 

Just like clothing pieces, must be of your correct size that very tight neither very loose to enhance the overall look of yours, wearing a correct bra is an essential part of it. A good bra will give your parts a good shape and also holds them better provide them with a good support. When you wear a bra according to tp the clothing material such as t-shirts or dresses, not only your personality will be enhanced but also the taste of your in even undergarments will make a person of great standards and you will be praised very much. 

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