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Amazon Brand - Solimo Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags with Hand Pump, Set of 3 (3 Large)

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Product Details
  • Vacuum storage bags to compress bulky clothing and linens to make more room in your closet and luggage bags
  • Manufactured using high-quality polypropylene which is tough and durable
  • Available as a set of three large-sized bags
  • Reusable, leakproof and inflates quickly without any hassle
  • Protects your clothes from dust, insects, moulds, smell, and humidity
  • Ideal for safely storing your winter wear such as sweaters for a longer period
  • Provision of a hand pump for sucking the air inside the vacuum bag efficiently
  • Presence of a heavy-duty valve and double seal zipper that offers airtight protection
  • Clothing Quantity: Large-sized bags can accommodate up to 10-11 sweaters
  • Caution: - Overfilling will cause the bag to re-inflate; - Fold clothes as neatly and as flat as possible to squeeze more air out; - Do not remove the foam/rubber piece inside the air valve. Removing will cause the bags to re-inflate; - Avoid storing bags near sharp objects or heat sources

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