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Can't Quarantine Our Love(English, Paperback, Nagarkar Sudeep)

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True love-we all long for it, only a few ever really find it and even fewer live with it forever Pihu, however, believes true love is a myth. Unlike her gregarious Punjabi parents, she prefers to live in her own little world and wants nothing more than to be left alone with her books for company. When she comes across her new neighbour, Akash, she is irked by his behaviour. A fun and outgoing Gujju boy, Akash is everything Pihu detests. As fate would have it, he is instantly drawn to Pihu on their first meeting while Pihu wants nothing to do with the boy who seems to be ruining her chance of securing the top position in college. A series of miscommunications make Pihu believe the worst of Akash, further ruining his hopes of ever having a chance at love. Can't Quarantine Our Love is an epic love story of two neighbours with a twist of fate that put everything they knew to a heartbreaking test.

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