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Excelam Pvc Cards Unruled 54x86 mm 760 gsm Printer Paper(Set of 1, White)

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Product Details
inkjet printable pvc card for printer Card Description: 1. Compatible to any kinds of ink, including normal waterbase dye ink and pigment ink. 2. Waterproof and glossy. 3.thickness 0.76mm (CR80/30mil), 4. Can sign direct to pvc card using pen. 5. Good Quality 6.No need to cut, No need to Laminate Direct printing using tray for epson printer.They could be used for PVC Plastic Cards,Membership Cards, Educational ID Cards,Employee ID Cards,Promotional Cards and ect. You could start printing directly on PVC ID using your existing Epson L800 T60 P50 T50 R230, R270,R280, and ect. with Dye inks (standard inks) and pigment ink, that makes your printer life last longer. 1. Product Introduction: "blank inkjet pvc card" could make personalized card,portrait card,IC card,magnetic strip card and ect. It is a revolutionary breakthrough in the pvc card manufacture industry.No need lamination,cutter and ect products, only using your office Epson or Canon printer with ID card tray directly printing.It is much lower cost and fast operate as easy as printing document.The blank inkjet pvc card can achieve photo grade priting effect via inkjet printing. With the feat ures of fast-drying,glossy,waterproof,wear-resistant,directly use without any post-processing after printing, inkjet printable pvc card is applied more widely. 2. Operating guide: Directly print on PVC card surface by ID card inkjet printer with matched PVC ID card tray Epson printer model: EpsonL800,T50,T60,P50,R200,R210,R220,R230,R260,R265, R270,R280,R285,R290,R300,R310/R320,R350,R380,R390/Rx680 Canon printer model: Canon G type ,ip4980,ip4600,ip4700,ip4680,ip4760,ip4810,ip4820,ip4850,ip4840,ip4880, ip4910,ip4920,ip4950,mp980,mp990,mp60, mp640,mg5220,mg5240,mg5250,mg6120,mg6140,mg6150, mg8120,mg8140,mg8150 and etc. Caon J type Ip7250,ip7240,ip7120,ip7130,ip7230,ip5400,mg7120,mg7130,mg6530, mg5450,mg5420,mg5430,mg6320,mg6330,mg6350,mg5550,mg6450 and etc. 3. Technical Features: 1) Card making is simple and effective, without coating, plastic or lamination. Environmentally friendly Process, solvent-free and emission-free,etc. 2) waterproof, and images wash-paint-soak (24 hours), the image remains the same. 3) Low card making cost. Suitable for making personalized card. 4) Strong image color reduction ability, high-definition,print accuracy up to more than 5760dpi. 5) Fast card making has a wide range of applications for on-site ID card making and terminal users to make personalized card on their own. 4.This type card advantage: Produce simple: with our ID card template print the inkjet pvc card directly by Epson or Canon printer. No need cut and laminating. High Quality: Color is flamboyant,like the photos. Low Cost: Although the inkjet pvc card price is higher than normal pvc card,but you donât buy expensive card printer,only for your office Epson or Canon printer is OK,and use normal dye ink or pigment. Questions: 1. Ask: If the inkjet pvc card double side printable ? Reply: Yes,double side printable 2. Ask: If need the specifical ink ? Reply: No, Normal dye ink or pigment ink that you use as usual. 3. Ask: If I could sign my name on the card ? Reply: yes,you could write any word on the card with any type of the

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