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Healthgenie Non-Breakable Fibre Digital Personal Weighing Scale Weighing Scale(Grey)

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Product Details
AUTO CALIBRATION: Healthgenie Weighing Machine comes with Auto calibration feature. For initial use, it would require to step on the scale and step off immidiately so that the scale get calibrated. Hence, 1st reading should be neglected. USB CHARGING: It has main feature of USB charging. It would only require to connect one end of USB cable to USB port and another end to adaptor to charge the scale. DISPLAY: It comes with large LCD display with magenta backlight. The numerals displayed on screen are of white color. STEP ON TECHNOLOGY: Healthgenie Weighing Scales comes with Step ON Technology. The scale shows immediate reading as soon as stepped on the scale. Healthgenie digital weighing scale of Fibre Series is an easy to use economical weighing scale. It is beautifully designed with high quality ABS material. Digital scale has a platform size of 31 x 31 cm which provides a perfect foot space for users. It comes with USB Charging feature with rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery for long time use. It has a LCD display of size 73.5 x 29.5 mm which helps the users to see their results clearly. Healthgenie digital weighing scale features Auto ON technology. Users doesn't have to tap the scale to turn it on. The user just needs to simply step up on the scale and its auto on features turns the scale on and gives the accurate readings and helps to track the progress of their weight. Its high quality ABS material platform makes it strong enough to bear the weight upto 150 kg. It also has a feature of low battery indicator which indicates the users that battery is needed to be changed.

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