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Kraft Seeds Patio Gladiolus Candy Man (8 Bulbs) Flower Bulbs

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Product Details
  • Sowing time : jan to dec
  • 15 each packet
  • Open the kraft seeds packets on a blank white sheet of paper, so that while opening the packet if the seeds fall (seeds being very small and tiny) you are able to save them on that sheet collect and then ready for sowing
  • Soil a very important part of sowing- take agropeat / cocopeat (kraft seeds agropeat / cocopeat) and mix it in water and keep it overnight, (ratio of agropeat to water 1kg of agropeat to 5 litre of water) use that mixture to mix it with soil
  • Buy only from kraft seeds or cloudtail, if you may find any issue with the quality of the product, feel free to ask for your order again or full refund

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