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Leafy Tales Air Purifying Set of 4 Combo- Areca Palm, White Money Plant, Dwarf Syngonium, Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) | I Easy Maintenance Plant for Home I Women's Day Gift I Holi Special |

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Product Details
  • Air purifying plants combo consists of Syngonium, White Money Plant, Areca Palm and peace lily plant
  • Areca Plam, Syngonium and Peace lily purifies indoor air and White Money plant is believed to bring luck and money plant
  • Plants comes with 3-4 inch plastic pot.
  • Ideal for gifting and Home decor
  • Immediate care: Water them very well and keep in morning sunlight for 1 day to overcome the transit shock. General Care: 2- Water twice in week, 1- Morning sunlight once in week, 6- manuring once in 6 months, 2- repotting in 2 year

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