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ROYALE CAT House Cat Cube Toy Resistant Favorite 3D Shape Play Kitty Housing Folding Foldable- 1 Piece Color May Vary

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Product Details
  • * CAT CUBE TOY is the ultimate fun for any feline. Cats of all ages will love this toy as they bat it around, toss it, bite it, and roll it across the floor. You will thrill to the action and get great pics to post on your favorite social media.
  • * CAT PLAY CUBE is made with non-toxic, 100% safe material. We use high quality plastic and special non-woven fabric. This means your cat's claws won't get caught in the fabric. You don't have to get up to rescue her. And she doesn't get stuck on the cube ruining her fun.
  • * CAT CUBE BLUE is the male cat's special pet toy that quickly becomes his favorite scratch cube. More fun than batting an ice cube across the smooth kitchen floor. The size is just right for cat fun at 38.1cm on all sides. That's 15 inches square.

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