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Vania Gold Facial Kit 300 g

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Product Details
•LUMINOUS GOLD LIKE GLOW:-Vania's Gold Facial Kit comes enriched with 24 carat gold dust which like a cherry on the cake adds a luster to the skin along with fairness. •REJUVENATES THE SKIN:-The facial results in a rejuvenated & a fresh skin,opening its pores and helping the oxygen to reach the depths of the skin. •IS NATURAL & SAFE:- Vania's Facial Kits are aromatherapy based.So,you don't need to worry about your skin's health.The amalgamation of aroma oils with other organic ingredients works to brighten,lighten your skin in the most natural & organic way. •RADIANCE ALL DAY LONG:-Vania's Gold Facial Kit is very effective in holding the radiance and glow of your skin all the day long. •product description •Contents24 CT Gold cleanser (52 gm)24 CT Gold scrub (52 gm)24 CT Gold Gel (52 gm) 24 CT Gold cream (52 gm)24 CT Gold pack (67 gm)24 CT Gold Serum (25 gm)1.This kit is an aromatherapy based product and is safe to use.2.This kit can give atleast 10 facials if used wisely according to the instructions on the product3.Steps about how to use are mentioned on the product.

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