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WOW Skin Science Anti-Aging Fuji Matcha Green Tea Clay Face Mask for Repairing & Reviving Tired Aging Skin- No Parabens, Sulphate, Mineral Oil & Color - 200mL(200 ml)

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Product Details
"Help restore youthful glow and suppleness to dull, aging skin with WOW Skin Science Anti-Aging Fuji Matcha Green Tea Clay Face Mask. It helps to draw out deep-seated impurities and remove dead skin cells. This helps to refine and minimize pores. The mask helps to fade age spots and even out patchy skin tone, giving you a clear, smooth complexion. It clarifies skin and removes dullness. It aids in restoring skin’s natural moisture levels that improve skin elasticity and suppleness. The mask is formulated with matcha green tea, green montmorillonite clay, light kaolin clay, jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin B3. Matcha green tea is a natural skin protector that helps to keep skin irritations at bay, fights free radicals and keep skin safe from pollutants and UV rays. It supports the skin-regeneration process. Green montmorillonite clay helps to tone and firm skin, and even out patchy complexion. Your skin feels smoother and toned. Vitamins B3 helps to repair skin damage. So your skin feels supple and gets a youthful sheen. Mask with Matcha Green Tea for Tired, Aging Skin Keep your dull, aging, tired-looking skin toned, supple and clear with Wow Skin Science Anti-Aging Fuji Matcha Green Tea Clay Face Mask. It is a hydrating product that gets rid of dead skin layer and excess sebum without disturbing your skin’s natural lipid and moisture mantle. It helps to remove dull and make it dewy and supple."

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