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10 things you should take care while online shopping

Online shopping is a great way of shopping, it saves your time, lessen the efforts you do on shopping, saves you from major disappointments when not get things what is wanted, and most of all provide you hundreds of deals and offers regarding to your shopping which helps you lessening your actual shopping amount and also provides some cash for future as cash back on certain amount of payments using wallets or cards. 

But online shopping also creates mess sometimes in terms of payment failure, network failure, cheap quality products, duplicate products, and many more. Many a time the payment is debited from your account but didn’t get confirmed and did not come back into account too. So, how to save yourself from such conditions? Below are some points we have mentioned which will give you a clear vision about the tips and tricks of the online shopping. The points are:

1.    Avoid the risk factor:
Whenever we search for a product, thousands of websites come on your screen, different websites will provide you many attractive deals and offer for the better shopping experience. 
But you should always go for familiar websites in terms of big or costly items. The familiar website is known to you and is trusted ones. Anything failure can be easily recovered with those familiar websites. 

2.    Regular check for bank statements:
When using debit cards or credit cards always go for regular checks for your statements, be it a failure payment or any transaction details. Make sure that your account statement shows all the transaction you did, and there no any extra transaction outside your knowledge. And if there is any transaction, contact your bank right then for any fraud. 

3.    Use anti-virus whenever surfing internet:
Hackers don’t wait for you give your information, sometimes when surfing different websites, the virus which is linked to a certain website gets automatically downloaded to your computer or smartphone. If anti-virus is not here in any of your gadget the virus will attack your gadget, taking all your personal information installed on your gadget. 

4.    Passwords:
Whenever using online shopping, always go for some strong passwords, don’t use passwords like your name or phone numbers because these are easily accessible and with them, anyone can track your online accounts. Always use go passwords which contain numerals, symbols and alphabets, create a unique password. 

5. 5.    Say no to public computers:
Public computers are the highest risk since many uses such computers these cannot be trusted for any of your personal information whether the bank details or some wallet details like Paytm or pay. 
If it’s very important to use a public computer, always double before leaving the computer, make you have logged out of all your id’s. This will surely save you from any fraudulent activity. 

6.    Free wifi can be dangerous:
Free wifi is tempting, getting a high-speed wifi is good but that too dangerous not just for your computers but also your transaction details. Go for familiar ones because the known ones can contain which can corrupt your computers but also can hack into your account. 

Online shopping is great for sure, giving you access to the endless number of items whenever wherever you want. You get all the things delivered at your home which you can do it sitting at your home chilling. The amazing thing is this online shopping, but just like overdoing of any good thing is bad, similarly even with so much of good features, online shopping has some drawbacks. 

Okay, so now don’t think that we are asking you to avoid online shopping, we just saying follow some precautions while shopping as it’s said “prevention is better than cure” so why take a chance when you can be safe just following few of the steps. 

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Hence, now you can decide what the things you can do before going for an online shopping and then you can shop well with all the great deals and offers. Now time is gone for offline shopping and stuff because having few precautions you can get best quality products sitting at home and also you don’t have to torture yourself with offline shopping drawbacks. Take your phone out and log on to today. Have fun!