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The new name of luxury- Etihad Airlines

Arabs are known for their wealth and living a life larger than life. Dubai is the ma Show More

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The new name of luxury- Etihad Airlines

Arabs are known for their wealth and living a life larger than life. Dubai is the main city for them and rather crying for the desserts all around them The Arabs has developed their cities like anything, they never care for the heat or the sand they have everywhere and developed themselves as world's one of the greatest city which is equipped with all the amenities and all the luxuries you ever need for life. They have well planned and executed smart cities to provide you with great opportunities whether you are just a traveller or looking for some work. Dubai has something for everyone. Are you fascinated by the above description? Well, better you should go and visit Dubai in person to experience the larger than life.

Okay, since Dubai is already famous for its larger than life experience its flights must have to amazing to fly with. Eithad is one of the names for giving you that amazing experience which can also give the essence of what you are going to experience in Dubai. Although there are plenty of reasons why you should fly with Etihad and here we are mentioning few of them:


1. Stay connected:

Generally while travelling on a flight all the communication with family or other people is cut for a few hours but with Etihad, you stay connected with all those because you get wifi connection in the flight. This is also the important thing for whom their works are very important and they need to stay connected.

2. Comfort:

What's better than to have a comfortable flight and remain energised for the next day? Etihad understands this and tries to provide comfortable in-flight experience to all its passengers not only to 1st class one but also the people who are travelling from economy class too. The Etihad provides a pillow, a full-size soft fleece and a headrest which is built into the seats in order to provide you with the peaceful sleep in the long flight. Also, you a headphone for enjoying the tv and other entertainment stuff. In 1st class you actually full-size bed and kits which include perfumes, moisturisers and soaps making your travelling more special.

3. Delicious Food:

Food is important because with this we get energy and nutrition for our body to get through the day, but since you are flying with Etihad and getting such good services then the food has to be of top-class of course and trust us it is actually. the food that Etihad has to offer is of great quality and taste like straight out of some lavish restaurant or something. When you will have food on the flight you will have a feel of sitting in a restaurant having delicious food.

4. Nanny services:

Yes, that correctly read by you. You get nanny too for your kids whether you are the new mother or just need some me space if you are not a new mother. Eithad's fully trained and efficient nanny will love your kids like you do. They will take care of them of them just like you do whether its the napping help, the feeding or keeping them busy in playful activities. The kids will surely going to love the nanny and be with her.

5. Inflight Lounge Experience:

When flying with Etihad you can enjoy the lounge services and through that, you can enjoy take a shower or have the spa, have a wonderful dining experience, can enjoy different kinds of premium drinks and many more experiences like this and better than this.

6. Seat Bidding:

Do you know you can decide who is sitting beside or even you can take such a seat where no one is sitting beside you? Yes, besides the extra leg space you can decide the type of seat you want and it is actually very easy. You just need to bid on it and you get lucky you can empty the seat beside you or you can also get both seats beside you empty.

The things you get to experience in the Etihad is just like a trailer what Dubai has to offer you and you can reach there very easily with Etihad Airlines. Eithad coupon codes and Eithad discount coupon codes help in getting good deals over flight bookings and making your travelling more convenient. The money you save on flight booking can be used in Dubai when roaming around the city. For promoting the airlines the Etihad airlines has Etihad promo codes which can be used for airline and air tickets for easy bookings. When you plan a book for travelling to Dubai, you must mention about the Etihad airlines which are entitled to serve you the best service depending on the class you are travelling, because for Etihad comfort is important and we try our best to provide great quality services to every customer of ours.