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Booking cheap flights is easy now\

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Booking cheap flights is easy now\

Be it your solo trips or group trips or trips which we do as a couple or family trips, pre-planning is always important and without pre-planning trips can be very difficult and there might come some situation where that pre-planning would work but since you didn't pre-planned the things you would going to face difficulty. The important thing while planning a trip is that travelling tickets and how much do you spend on it. Whether travelling from train or flight, tickets can be very expensive when you instantly book tickets or book tickets on a short notice. Although flights are capable of saving your much time but only when you book flight tickets much earlier. But generally, the tickets are very very expensive and just by looking at the cost we sometimes we cancel the plans too.

But following some tips and tricks, you can buy relatively lesser cost flight tickets when there is no sale or when you need to book flight tickets urgently. So, the trips and tricks are as follow:


1. Early bookings:

It is very true that early booking a flight ticket can really help in getting cheaper flight tickets. So, next time when you think about any trip plan to book tickets early so that you can save your hard earned money. No deals or discount coupons can be compared with the benefits. So next time when you book flight tickets tries to book it a month or two earlier in order to get cheap flight tickets.


2. The comparison is must:

Do you there are the price difference between different company's products? Yes, different companies have different rates of selling the same product. Just like this flights have different rates for the same duration to the same place. Hence, it's better to compare the rates from different websites so you don't miss the cheaper one.


3. Say no to the weekend bookings:

Weekends are expensive, and flight bookings done on weekend would surely go to cost you a heaven. Weekends means holidays and holiday’s means trips. The crowd and demand for seats are increased resulting in the increase in the rates of flight bookings. Try to book the tickets on weekdays because on weekdays the demand is actually less and you more likely to get the tickets at lesser rates.


4. Caches and cookies:

Have you ever noticed why the rates are always high for some flight booking websites no matter how many times you visit those? It is because you haven't cleared your browser's caches and cookies. The first time when you visit a website your information is stored with caches and cookies and next when you visit the website the server recognises you and shows you the same rates. When you visit caches and cookies before going to the websites, the server won't recognize you and will show lesser rates than normal.


5. Breaking the comfort zone:

This one is the same as comparing because when you compare you got to know the difference in rates, their services and the duration. So, if you are travelling from one flight from years no matter ho higher the rates are try coming out of your comfort zone and try different airlines. It can help you in saving money and experiencing the different situation which can be good or can be bad.


6. Say no to third parties:

MakeMyTrip or Goibibo or any other third party booking surely gives you benefits like discount coupons or deals which is better and of course cheaper but this actually is increased at the time of payment due to the addition of charges like service tax or others. So it's better to book tickets from the website only in order to avoid extra charges charged by the third parties. Plus when you book from the website itself the chances of getting fraud also decreases.


Flights are comfortable and are capable of saving your much time but flight bookings are not always cost-effective and often termed as unreachable from the common man. But when you follow a few tips and tricks and keep tracks on the change of rates, chances are quite possible that you might get flights in lesser price. When talking about cheap flights, Expedia is the one who can help you in getting a cheaper flight. Though it's a third party and provides online flight booking services, the difference is that they charge very minimal amount of service charge and are entitled to provide maximum benefit to the customer.

The summer is gone and the monsoon season is approaching and you can the benefit of both seasons on your bookings. You can book cheap flights and can save an extra 10% off on summer packages. Also, there is monsoon sale over the number of flight bookings which you can avail yourself at the time of payment. Of course, you already have Expedia coupon and Expedia discount coupons to help you with your bookings.