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Fashion defines our taste in clothes, shoes, and accessories and totally defines our inner personality as we only choose clothes depending on our choice and the choice we make says about our perspective on life. You may be thinking that you always choose clothes according to your body type, occasion and the choose the good quality fabrics because you know you have good fashion sense but you might be wrong because who knows that good fashion according to is worse according to someone else. Here we are not saying that you have to care about other people but to stop yourself from becoming a laughing stock you need to think what others are going to think about you. Everyone makes mistakes and so do you. It's nothing bad if you are doing no matter how good is your fashion sense.


Also, there is nothing wrong with learning for more good because learning is a thing which is not constant and has to go on continuously. Learning makes us more efficient in specific field avoiding the mistakes which you may or may not do before. Learning is useful in every field like studies, cooking, dancing, and any kind of fighting and even Fashion. Because when people make mistakes they would know that what they don't have to do for future and that is actually learning. So, few of the fashion mistakes are given which if you need to stop if you are doing so and remember not to do in coming future.


1. Colour Combination:

This a common mistake people do because they actually don't understand the colour combination correctly. Every colour has its own property that colour doesn't go with every colour. Your light blue top or t-shirt won't go in green pants or wearing two prints at the same is also a mistake. The correct colour scheme can be easily learned from an online website and you must understand to avoid any blunders for future.


2. Wearing Ill-fitted clothes:

Either you are wearing tight clothes or wearing loose clothes, both ways you are not wearing your clothes correct. You must always wear correct fitting clothes, not too tight not too loose. When you wear tight clothes you restrain your body from breathing resulting in rashes and when you wear loose clothes you are letting your body in shape.


3. Not minding the gap:

You must always check for the gap between clothes and always take care of the combination of short clothes with long ones. So, if you want to wear a short top wear it with long jeans or Palazzo and if you are going to wear a short skirt then you must wear that with a long top or shirt.


4. Not taking care of the panty lines:

This is also one of the common mistake people often do when wearing a short dress, always do a check-list before going out in short clothes. Cover panty lines with correct sized clothes. This also happen when you wear tight clothes hence wearing clothes of your correct size is important.


5. Wrong Shoes:

Shoes are very important part of your look because whenever you go somewhere or walk just on road people see your shoes at first and then they judge your personality according to that. Try taking shoes which goes with almost all of your dresses and looks good on and are comfortable enough so that you can carry those for longer hours.


6. The correct amount of accessories:

Accessories are the things which are able to enhance your look and also have the ability to destroy your whole look. With accessories, you always have to remain contrasting because when you overdo accessories you make your look stuffed and overall look bad. With contrasting we mean don't go heavy jewellery everywhere like you are wearing earrings don't wear a heavy necklace, you can even opt for no necklace it would look good and classy.


Fashion is nothing to stress about because it’s always about looking good and feeling good about yourself and when you look you the confidence level is something which you needed it for almost everything. When you are full of confidence you get to express yourself in a presentable way. Everyone is fashionable in their manner because it's all about your choices but if you think you are not fashion updated according to others then you just follow some rules mentioned above and try our Fizz Express for shopping all those which you ever need for being a fusionist of your field.


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