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Why spend more when you can save more?

The continuous progress in the advancement of technology has made ou Show More

More About Freecharge

Why spend more when you can save more?

The continuous progress in the advancement of technology has made our lives super easy. You know why? Because of the greatest inventions like mobile phones, television sets and radio sets which have made our world a very small place, the whole world has fallen into the comfort zone of our living rooms. It’s amazing when you sitting in your living room can watch what is happening in the whole world. Earlier when there were no phones the communication between people was very tough or almost impossible. People had to wait for days to meet their loved ones or to get any knowledge about people.


Then the telephone was invented making communication and now the Smartphone is now invented which made amazing differences between the early times and modern times. All the communication means has now come into one place, The Smartphone. The Smartphone can now connect with your loved ones, work people and other people, and when connected to the internet it can connect you from the world. The Smartphone can be your television, radio, music player and even your workstation. Smartphone connectivity helps you in everything you want to do anytime you want to do such as bill payments, movie ticket bookings, travel tickets bookings, recharges and even fund transfer and that within few minutes. So no long queues for any kind of billings, or recharges neither you have to go the bank for different works.


It’s safe and secure and with the number of payment options, you get to make your payments within minutes. Online payments can be done through various portals which give different number discount and cash backs for your next payment which you don’t get when payment is done through offline mode. But which is great among so many options? Freecharge is one of the online portals which provide the service for online payments. Freecharge not only do online payments also provides the different number of Freecharge discount coupons for your payment options. So why go offline when you can go offline and save more.


There are many reasons why should you use Freecharge for all the payment options:


1. Saves time and energy:

Payment can be done within minutes when paid online. And all the payment options are secured enough, and you can completely trust free charge for all your card details and passwords.


2. Virtual Money:

With an online account, you don’t have to carry much cash or even cash for any kind of payments whether in malls or small shops, even on petrol pumps and also into street vendors and etc.


3. Can be done through Whatsapp:

Yes, you heard it correct. You can request, pay or even recharge just through WhatsApp. In Freecharge you don’t need to open the app for all the transaction and can be done through WhatsApp.


4. Add cash and avoid failure in the transaction:

When you add load in your Freecharge wallets, transaction failures can be avoided because when payments are done through the wallet, there is no need to contact the bank for payments.


5. Bills splitting:

This feature is very handy for students and youngsters who are staying with roomies and started working recently. Whether it’s a dinner night or pizza party or sharing the rent, the splitting can be done at that moment, hence no chance of forgetting the share or any other excuse.


6. Good heart people can also use them:

If you want to do donations or anything like that, you can do it with Freecharge. Freecharge makes sure your donation goes to correct people where the money is used strictly for needy people.


7. Ease of access:

When you open Freecharge whether, on the website or mobile app, all the services are mentioned in the form of icons, which you click, feed the requirements needed, choose your payment option, and feed your pin or OTP number for confirming the transaction and you're done within minutes.


The points mentioned above are the benefits which are provided by Freecharge to you. Freecharge has the different number of Freecharge offers and Freecharge discount offers which makes your payment lesser than the actual payment saving your hard earned money and also it saves your precious time by avoiding you in standing long queues and waiting longer than ever.


Freecharge provides you Freecharge coupon codes and Freecharge discount codes for bills payments such as electricity bills, water bills, phone bills, Dishtv bills and lots more. Just name the bill and you can pay through Freecharge. If you are a new user of online services, you might take a little longer to understand the process and but once you are done you will enjoy doing all the things online and may get irritated for the things you don't get online. Okay, the last line was funny but yes this can happen to you often.


Freecharge is an online website, which is easy to use and can be trusted for all the credit card and bank details and passwords. Freecharge makes sure the safety and privacy of the customers are retained and all the details remain secret. So now whether you need to book a movie ticket, travel tickets or bill payments, you get to do all with Freecharge.


When you use, the codes you get discounts on every transaction and cashback for future transactions. Cashback sometimes is half of the amount you pay during your transaction, and that Cashback can be now used for another transaction which means you pay less for your transaction means you save more. This money can be used for different things like spending that on health, or shopping or other necessary things. Why spend more when you can save more, use Freecharge once and you will love it for long.

Freecharge is available on the website and also in apps in the apps store of your phone. You just have to log on to the website or download the app and register yourself with an email id and password. You can also do it with your phone number. After verifying your phone number, you are good to go use them.