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Now Make all your Dreams come true with Fullerton India:

Money is an essential requirement to live a good and comfortable li Show More

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Now Make all your Dreams come true with Fullerton India:

Money is an essential requirement to live a good and comfortable life. We all work for a living because we know if we won't have enough money to meet the daily requirements the life will become very difficult. But sometimes no matter how hard we work or there is no count of how many vacations we ignore just for the sake of having enough money to built a better future. There is nothing more painful than working even on the holidays, but after all the efforts the money we earn can be enough for today or tomorrow for saving money for a big project like owning a house, buying a car, or an international holiday or other things depending on the likings of the person is very difficult.

Owing a house or having a profitable business is a dream to a person, but sometimes people do not have enough money to own a house or to start a business, but this does not mean that one cannot own a house or do something big of their choice just because they do not have enough money. This can be done by taking a loan from banks or companies who sponsor such loans. There are many banks who offer low-interest rates loan. But before taking a loan whether it is a personal loan or business loan, a few points are mentioned here which should be considered carefully to avoid any bigger problems later. The points are as follow:

1. Eligibility to take a Loan:

The loan can be of any type such as personal loan, home loan, business loan or any other, there are some criteria for every kind of loan. Generally, a person who works and has a continuous salary or a certain amount of income every month is eligible to take a loan, the job could be a corporate job or a business. Also, if a person works for a known company the chances for getting a raised amount of money loan is increased. The bank always double check the person that the amount he/she is borrowing is able to pay is back and if the bank authorities find anything negative they have all the rights to withdraw the loan anytime they want. It is advised to provide all the correct information about yourself and your work and salary information otherwise you might be charged for doing fraud activities.

2. The rate of interest:

When you are taking a loan, the rate of interest is the most important thing you must watch for. You can take a loan from your bank easily since you have an account there. But chances are the bank you have an account with but chances are your have might be charging you the greater rate of interest as compared to other banks. Hence, before deciding on a bank to take a loan from, compare the rates of interest they are providing. The higher rate of interest raises your actual amount which to have to pay back to the bank and lower rate of interest makes it easier for you payback the amount of money.

3. Credit Score:

A credit score is used to check the credibility of a person if he/she is able to pay back the whole amount which he/she is borrowing. The credit score includes the previous loan if taken, the repayment speed, the salary, marital status, kind of occupation, the name of the company he/she is working with and any other criteria depending on the needs of a certain bank. Credit Score is also helpful if you are not able to find a bank with the lower rate of interest or if you are being rejected continuously for having a loan due to some reason.

4. EMI percentage:

EMI or Equated Monthly Instalment is a part of your loan and you can say it is important too. The EMI decides the time period of your loan and the amount you have to pay to your bank monthly. Ideally, the EMI rates should not be increased more than 30% of your total income since you will be needing money for your daily needs too. The more increased EMI will burden your daily budget which can make your loving difficult. Generally, people pay 10% of their net income as their EMI but cleaver management says if you could stretch to 30% of net income, you can pay your debt early as the more time you take the more money you have to pay including the actual amount.

Loans can help you get that extra big achievement of your life goals but a little mistake can also cost you a heaven and can bring all your hard earned money at stake. But just having few things precaution you can make all your dreams come true. You can take your loan from Fullerton for having a better future.

Fullerton is a non-banking financial company which offers low-interest rates financing for business, for personal use or etc. Fullerton has trusted NBFC retail financiers who had made lots of dreams come true for people who haven't find their way to get a chance to fulfil their dreams even after working hard day and night. Fullerton provides Urban financing which for people who live in the urban area and need financial help in business, personal loans, house loans, SME loans and loans for commercial vehicles loans, Rural financing is for people who are living in rural areas and need financing for farming or personal vehicle loan or housing loans.