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Living Healthy is not that difficult that you think.

Health is everything to every human being present on earth because when Show More

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Living Healthy is not that difficult that you think.

Health is everything to every human being present on earth because when you have good health then only you can do something productive for yourself and for others too. An unhealthy person is not good for the person himself and also for the society. So for having a good life, everyone should remain healthy. Nowadays people are getting attracted towards the health food since people are getting motivated these days towards health but actually people are very confused about the ideal health food. Why do you think? Due to excess information available on the internet or from different magazines or something like that and this information makes us very much confused about the ingredients, the calories foods have. Many times one website says a thing is healthy and on the other side, some different website says that thing is unhealthy. So what to do? How to find out the correct healthy food? The answer to this question is going to the dietitian. But sometimes these dieticians are very costly to hire and many people don't want to waste money on them.

Okay, not to worry. This article will tell you the exact difference between all the healthy and unhealthy food for making it easier for you to maintain a good diet for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A person who maintains a healthy lifestyle he/she tends to live longer than compared to others. So for leading a long life here are the few difference between a healthy food and non-healthy food:


1. The Calorie Intake:

When talking about the calories many will think that if the calorie intake of a meaty burger and a big bowl salad is same, there is no harm in ditching the salad bowl for a meaty burger. But that's not true because when you eat the burger the energy which is given by the burger will last long for a shorter while but a bowl of salad will remain in the stomach for a longer duration hence, the energy will be retained for the longer duration.


2. Price:

Many people have the myth that the health food ranges higher and the junk food cost less, but in actually when you will calculate the whole amount spent on the junk food which was of just Rs.20 per plate for a whole year, the 1 kg of apples of rs.60 would much lesser than the spending on the junk food.

3. Health issues:

Of course, the excess intake of junk food increases the risk of having heart disease, cancer, type2 diabetes, kidney disease and many other skin issues and health-related problems but on the other part when you eat healthy food, the risk of getting sick becomes lesser because healthy eating is basically having balanced diet which helps your body to clean itself from all the toxins which are gained through eating junk food.

4. Nutrients:

Healthy food provides nutrients for the healthy functioning of your body and keeps your muscles, bones, and brain strong and lets them function in a proper way for a longer duration. Whereas junk food always contributes in the bad of your body, excess use of junk food increases the sodium in your body, disturbs the cholesterol level of the body and makes you feel lazy and tired all the time.

5. Sodium intake:

The unhealthy food such as hot dogs and burgers contains the excessive level of sodium, unsaturated fat and high in calories. The excessive amount of salt or sodium is bad for the body as it increases the water retention of the body hence, excessive loss of water from the body. The Trans and unsaturated fat lead to obesity in the human which is the main reason for different health-related and everyday body problems. The healthy food such as fruits and vegetable contains almost no sodium or Tran’s fat which means no bad fat for your body if you eat fruits and vegetables.

Being healthy is important and people these days are very much motivated and with the above points the confusion about the difference between healthy food and unhealthy food would be clear to you and now you may be able to follow your path to healthy living in a better way by having good food with good fat and low sodium containing food, also fruits and vegetable contain less calories as compared hot dogs or burgers or etc, so when you eat healthily you can avoid the calories too. When you eat healthy for a longer duration your body is cleansed of all the toxic nutrients and fats from the body which can help you to remain energetic and feel less fatigue in your daily works.

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