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Stop these mistakes with undergarments today. 

Undergarments can be known as the other skin since they are in direct contact with your skin. People can often spend a fortune on clothes and footwear since those are visible and the people around them see and if those are good people often praise them for their style and good taste in clothes. But they won't spend even 200 bucks on undergarments and the logic behind this is those are not visible to people and it is actually waste to spend on undergarments. But this type of concept can lead to very much harm to your personal health. No matter why how much clean and hygienic your stay but you aren't wearing good quality undergarments then you might put yourself at risk. 
Not just the money issues, people also wear anything they think will be good. They don't care about the comfort or the type of fabric which is good or bad for their skin if wearing on a daily basis. The reasons are quite obvious that people feel shy about exchanging those or thinks if they won't wear the money spend on that will be wasted. Hence to save you from all those risks, here are some points mentioned what mistakes you are doing for your undergarments:

1. The correct size:
The size of the undergarment is very important since it directly affects your intimate areas. Wearing undergarments of the right size can help you to maintain the shape of your body and also don't irritate your skin. The irritation is caused by friction of skin since you are wearing tight undergarments which leads to rashes and any kind of uneasiness. 

2. Skin do breathe:
Tight undergarments and tight shapewear do not let your skin breathe causing different skin allergies like irritatable skin, rashes, thigh chafing visible lines above clothes which are of course embarrassing when in public. It is advised to wear the right fit clothes and undergarments for letting your skin breathe to avoid any kind of issue later. 

3. Fabrics mistakes:
Sometimes we often get attracted to different designs but do not pay attention to the type of fabrics which is used in the undergarment. Whenever you are going to choose an underwear to go for the cotton fabric because that is the fabric which is breathable and lets your skin breathe. Fabrics like sheer or the silk are not breathable and are likely to cause yeast or bacterial infection since they take longer to dry and retain the moisture down there. 

4. No undergarments at night:
Why do we look for a comfortable mattress for our bedrooms or keep every essential thing for having a good sleep? Because a good and sound sleep is important and during our sleep, our body repairs all the damages that happened during the day. Also, a good sleep gives us mental peace which is essential for a better next day. It is advisable to wear comfortable and loose clothes during sleep and hence fitted undergarment can become the hindrance in having a good sleep. If you haven't tried yet, try this for once and you will know why it is peaceful. 

5. Commando During the day:
Of course, wearing no undergarments at the night is good for having a good sleep but not wearing them on the day is not a good idea. We understand comfort is key but days are for the active lifestyle which includes walking, running, lunches and dinner, and many other activities and after dresses do not have an extra lining, the seam of the pants or the jeans keep rubbing directly to the vulval areas which can lead to intimate tissues and without underwear the intimate moisture would have nowhere to go making you uncomfortable and fear of showing the wet patches behind your dress or the chair you sit on. 

6. Not using the correct detergent:
Keeping your undergarments clean is the basic part of personal hygiene. Over 70% of the total population, don't know how to clean them, the idea of mild detergents for clothes and especially undergarments is still new. The hard detergents tend to have residue on your undergarments and when you wear those undergarments the residue when coming in contact with the skin, can cause irritation which is not good for the intimate areas. 

7. Save Money:
Although it is advisable to change your undergarments after a period of time when you buy a good quality undergarment even if they are a little costly they tend to remain with you a little longer than the cheap quality and price. The cheap quality undergarments tend to lose their shape, the elastic band gets loose and the fabric condition also gets worsen earlier than you think. Then after a little while again you have to buy undergarments which spending money. 

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