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Are you a shopaholic or you are doing shopping compulsively?

Is shopping your favourite past time or your shop because you can’t resist the things you saw just now?
Shopping is fun, more relaxing, entertaining and even educational sometimes. With great deals and offers and with ease of online shopping services, the shopping these days has become very easy. With the advancement in online payment and home delivery which safe and fast made us even more tempted towards online shopping or we call it shopping. Shopping is also termed as a therapy that can be used when you are not feeling good or positive about yourself or your life. Well, certainly shopping is the best therapy for lighting up the mood. 

Okay, shopping is good, but are you the one likes to shop till you drop, means you know you are shorting money but still can’t stop yourself from shopping because a shiny bracelet would go well with your shift dress or a pair of wedges will perfectly gel with your work attire or a suit or gown will make you look elegant in a wedding or a party you don’t know when. If your answer to this question is yes, then dear friend whether male or female you are suffering from compulsive shopping disorder and trust me this is a serious issue for everyone.  

We are not saying that everyone has this compulsive disorder thing because some of you sure have. Okay, here are few symptoms lined which will enlighten you more about this serious issue. So, here we are:

1.    Shopping without intention:
When you shop without knowing what to buy and you just hop to the shopping website or the shops to buy something which in actual you don’t even need it, then it’s a sign that you are an impulsive shopper.

2.    The uncontrollable urge:
When you can’t control the desire to shop whenever you see an object or some clothing piece or shoes or home things, you may or may not need those items but you still want those that are actually a sign of impulsive shopping. 

3.    Shop to make you feel better:
Shopping is surely a therapy but when you always shop to make yourself feel better or for consoling yourself is also a sign of being an impulsive shopping. 
4.    Un-opened things are increasing in your home:
When you shop recklessly shop or impulsively shop, the number of un-opened products keeps increasing in your home because actually, those things are not actually of your use. 

5.    Feels like something is missing:
For an impulsive shopper, shopping becomes a habit just like brushing teeth or bathing or something which people do on a regular basis. So, when you don’t brush your teeth how do you feel? Incomplete or missing something. An impulsive shopper feels the same way and if you feel the say then you are also an impulsive shopper. 

6.    Adrenaline rush:
People then go for shopping or do online shopping they feel an adrenaline rush because shopping gives a thrill to them which they enjoy a lot and due to the adrenaline rush they feel energised for the rest of the day or feel motivated for different activities. 

7. Don't think much of the budget:
When you shop impulsively, you don't care about the budget and there are thoughts like will be seen later or won't do shopping after this or can manage in low amount or etc in mind. But this never happens, you just shop and regret for rest of the month or get yourself into debt which you may ask your people when you run out of cash.

Such symptoms if you are also feeling, chances are you also have become an impulsive shopper and this certainly not a good behaviour. Such acts can lead you to extreme debts which you may or may not be able to pay at any cost. When in debt of money your reputation can also be at stake and money matters also worsen the relationship between people. If you think that your condition is serious then you can go and consult a doctor. 

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