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More About Mcdonalds

McDonald's from an idea to your table

Burgers, drinks, and the fries all these comforting food have the potential to lift our mood in just one bite and the statue with yellow skin and red dress which is sitting just outside the McDonalds shop is just charming and a trip to McDonald's is incomplete without a selfie with that dummy or statue or whatever you call it. Especially the kids enjoy a lot going there and the dummy is actually termed as the uncle by them. A perfect party place or kids and teens and even oldies and can be a first date place too. McDonald's is the cheap and tasty meal which anyone can enjoy always. 

McDonald's is a perfect place for people of any age group but how well do you know about your favourite McDonald’s? Well, many of us have a very little knowledge about it and actually we never even tried to find it too. So, here is a little information about how McDonald's was actually made or came into existence:

1.  McDonald’s is a food chain which started as a hot dog business around a race track by McDonald's brothers Maurice and Richard in San Bernardino, California. In the year 1948. The name of the franchise was given after the name of the first brother Maurice (Mac) and the family title "Donald's". A drive-in barbeque restaurant was opened in San Bernardino which was later turned into a burger joint in 1948.

2. It was Ray Kroc who actually made McDonald's this huge. Ray Kroc was a franchise agent appointed by Donald's brothers who later brought the whole business from Donald brothers in 2.7 million in 1961. Before buying the business Ray Kroc worked as milkshake mixer and then over 5 years as franchise agent and during that period he opened McDonald's in almost 200 different locations and expanded the business.

3. Over 1 on 8 people in the USA work in McDonald's or worked at some point of their time or age and this will let understand how largely McDonald's have expanded their business in the USA and in the whole world. Famous personalities like Lin-Manuel-Miranda, Rachel Mc Adams and Amazon Jeff Bozos, James Franco and many others have worked for a living in McDonald's once in their lives.

4. The happy meal is McDonald's one of the famous products and the meal contains food which could be possibly a hamburger some fruits and a toy of course. The happy meal consists of a 20% off the total sale which makes McDonald's a large distributor of toys and the happy meal is sure shot favourite item amongst the children too. 

5. If you think getting Harvard University is tough, then you need to re-think about it because getting into McDonald's hamburger university is tougher than getting into the Harvard University. Currently, McDonald's has seven campuses around the world that are in Tokyo, Munich, Shanghai, Illinois, Oak Brook, London, Sydney, Sao Paulo and eight's campus is scheduled for opening in this year in Moscow.

6. If the outlet is located outside the USA then you get to taste serious tasty and delicious food which you are famous among locals. Like when in China you get to have egg twisty pasta as breakfast and in Columbia you can get Pineapple Mc Furry. Mc Donald's is famous for its Hamburgers but its vegan chain came to India first in Amritsar, the city of Golden temple where meat is not allowed. 

McDonald's is a very old franchise which started very low and today is one of the very famous food chains globally which is growing ever since 1948. McDonald's has travelled a lot for its success and surely they deserve the place they are right now. McDonald's is very popular especially among children because of the clown of McDonald's so if there is birthday coming in recent days you can plan your kid's birthday with McDonald's birthday party and we can make your kid's birthday extra special for your kid and you too. 

Though McDonald’s is already pocket-friendly if you are planning for a bulk order you can try the McDonalds coupon codes and discount coupon codes which will make your bulk order efficient for you. You can also avail McDonald's offers for higher priced items making it less costly. Also if you can convince your other member of the family for whom the concept of the burger is new, they can avail the promo codes for the better dining experience. Everyday McDonalds have special offers for our regular customers or the weekly customers. 

When dining in McDonald's, you do not have to worry about the castings because McDonald's itself is a very budget-worthy food chain and when it goes to a different city or country you get to different local favourites every food chain has. Also, with happy meal boxes, your children would be more than happier with you. They will surely be going to love for the treat.