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Reasons why you should never stop your medication in between.

Medicines are now one of the important essentials of our life, any of your pain or uneasiness medicines can take over from it. The fact that medicines save our lives is no hidden truth and also they can help in numbing the pain of uneasiness just a few seconds or minutes so we can relax can take any step further with an open mind. The term Medicine was derived from a Latin word which meant the art of healing so it is now confirmed with the name that what actually medicines do to our body and how they can help. 

Medicines are used since ancient times and now that the technology has been developed so much almost in every field and so is the medical sector. In Ancient times there were many deadly diseases which cannot be cured and that resulted in the death of the suffering person because at that time there was no solid medicine or way to treat that person but now there is a full-proof way to treat people suffering from deadly diseases such as cancer, tuberculosis, skin diseases, etc. Humans greatest inventions were in the medical sector because those inventions and discoveries saved times and saving someone's life is the greatest thing one can do. There are different type of medicines available for different problems of yours and you must always complete your medication because that will ensure the curing process which makes your body recover from your disease or uneasiness and stopping the medication in between would stop the curing process and may get worse if the problem arises because the agents which attacked your body causing a certain disease will now attack your body with greater force and worsen the effect of the medicine which actually tried to cure your body. 

If you are suffering from a disease be it a small one like a cough or cold or be it a serious one like cancer or tuberculosis or diabetes or any other cuts or slits happened during an accident. Few of the points are mentioned below which will tell you that why you should always complete your medication and stopping the medication in between can be very dangerous. So here we go:

1. A complete course of medicine means all the problems you are having will be gone and will not come back because the problem causing agents are now gone and hence you are free from those problems. 

2. Some disease like diabetes, thyroid, asthma and etc needs regular medication any day if you miss the medication chances are you could feel some issues because the regular medication is given to have the control over the diseases and missing them anyway would not provide the certain agents to control the agents of that disease. 

3. The attack will be stronger of the disease which you were suffering when you stop the medication in between because only a few things have been cured and the whole process is not completed because actually, you stopped your medication. 

4. Medications are costly and stopping them without any reason will surely waste the money and wasting your hard money surely the thing you won't like it. 

5. Stopping the medication in between may lead your disease or the problem you were facing before starting the medication can arise very quickly and things can worsen which is not good for your health. 

6. When the disease you were suffering appear again because actually you just stopped the process of getting yourself cured may take you to the doctor once again and again you have to pay the fees and again the money would be wasted because this situation could have been avoided if you would have completed your medication. 

7. The side effect may cause if you do not complete your medication because the body may get used to that drug effect and if not get that drug at the time it was provided the body can react in an abnormal way. 
8. The medicines can help you to get immune from a certain disease if you would complete your medication at the time. 

So, with the points mentioned above, it would be now clear that how much it is important to complete your medication within the stipulated time and what damages can be done to you if you stopped the medication right after you start feeling better because of course, the doctor gave you a 10 days course for a reason. So, the medication is an important thing and you should take medicines seriously. Talking about the medicines the original medicines are equally important because of course if the medicines are not original they won't do any good and that too after paying a hefty amount for that and they might cause alter effects for you. 
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