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10 Pieces of clothing essential every woman should have

Clothing, food and lodging are the three essential need of life. No one can live happily without it. People do different jobs to earn money to have a good standard living with the help of these things. But nowadays the essential need clothing has gone to some different level which is now not a basic necessity but a thing that is used to reflect their personal identity. 

With the modernisation of the society, people are judged over their clothing and there is constant pressure for looking good is always there among youngsters and even the middle age people especially women. Taking the stress is absolutely not a solution because when you stress it comes on your face destroying all your looks and confidence. 
So, you don’t have to stress now, because in this article we are going give you 10 pieces of clothing which you can have and by mix-matching those you can create different styles and always feel confident about yourself. These pieces are classic and won’t ever go out of fashion. So let’s get started, here are the pieces:

1.    A crisp plain white shirt or top:
A plain white shirt or t-shirt is more versatile like any other piece of clothing. They can go with anything and can be used for any kind of occasions such as when paired with the blazer and pencil skirt your professional look is ready when paired with jeans casual look is the ready also white shirt or t-shirt can be teamed with the jacket for having a party look. White is universal colour and can be mix with any colour of clothing and this colour is an evergreen piece.

2.    An elegant piece of Blazer:
Another piece of clothing which is a versatile item in anyone's closet is a blazer or summer jacket. You can never go wrong with the blazer, it can be a finishing item of your overall look or can be a great option for evening outings like dinner or some party or anything in which you have to look sexy but not wearing actually sexy. A blazer can be used for completing an office look which more professional and cool at the same time. 

3. A stripe shirt or tee:
Now stripes are cool and again a timeless piece which can be used for any type of occasion. Just have this in your mind that thing thin people should have a horizontal stripe shirt or tee and fat people must have vertical stripes. This way the thin people won't look thinner and fat people won't look broader. Just like the plain t-shirt, this can also be paired up for an office look or a college or just casual hangouts. 

4. Black trousers or black jeans:
Black is sexy, classy and also decent when paired up in a way it should be. Black trouser when paired with a white shirt and blazer your professional and sleek look is ready and when teamed with the sheer top or something similar you are party ready. Black is another versatile clothing piece which every woman should have in their closet. A white shirt or t-shirt and black jeans or black trouser is the combination which never goes wrong. 

5. Dark washed denim:
Ok, dark washed denim can be of any colour but it has to be dark and dark colour goes with any light colour, prints and stripes. A style statement which never goes wrong. A classic combination for most of the occasions.

6. A white button-down:
Here, we don't have to explain much about the colour white, just like a plain white tee a plain white also does the same magic. This can be team up with trousers, denim, shirts or anything. White shirt and blue jeans are just perfect for any casual outing. A great combination which never goes out of style. 

7. A Little Black Dress or LBD:
The little black dress is more like a miracle as this is something which is capable of creating great looks for every kind of women is it a thin and great figure lady and also for those who think they are little overweight or something.  A little black dress can be worn as a cocktail dress for clubs or night parties and can also be used for creating a day look. A denim shirt and your little black dress compliments with each other very well. Also, little black dress can be worn with skater skirts of the different colour since black again is a very versatile colour. 

All of these pieces are timeless and are never out of fashion. With these pieces, you can create a look according to your occasion. All these pieces are cable of having a party look as well as casual look. Here we would like to recommend a piece of advice to buy these pieces from a nice branded store as which do have quality clothes, those clothes last longer. Investing more at once is actually cheaper than investing in low-cost clothing. is an online retail shop which can provide you with all of the above-above timeless pieces with all the hacks and tips which you needs to take care while dressing up. 

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