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Why it’s important to wear a bra of correct size?

Yes, you heard it, correct people, with the heading you will be sure that in this article we will talk about the bra. There are some people who will surely think that such topic should not discuss publicly as these are women undergarments and should be kept secret. But why not? Women health and safety is issued in the public interest and only because of shame and shyness many women are suffering from these problems but cannot discuss with anyone.


In our opinion, women should take care of themselves properly and should talk to someone or doctors even about the smallest problems they are facing. Suffering alone with such problems would not save you from your problems and if the treatment is delayed can result in the worse situation. One of the issues even today many women are doing knowingly or unknowingly is not wearing the bra of their correct size. There could be many reasons why they are not able to do it; few of them are mentioned as points below:


1. Avoiding the embarrassment:

Women feel embarrassed talking about their undergarments with a male person or in public. Hence, whenever they go for undergarment shopping, and if a salesperson is a male person they never discuss much their size and shapes and they take whatever the salesperson give them, they just take it without any questioning.


2. Lack of correct knowledge about the size:

Women who can buy undergarments publicly, how would expect them to know the correct size of their garments.


3. The tradition since generation:

From generations, women are being asked them to hide all your undergarments and it should be placed in open where everyone can see it. If it has to be spread, should be in the place where at least male person can’t see it.


Women are the origin of this world, they should be respected and must be educated for their own well being. Now that the reason why women don’t talk about their undergarments in public, let us know take you the why wearing bra of your size is important. These are dealt in points, which are mentioned below:


1. You will feel good and look:

A correct size bra will give you correct shape to your female parts making you feel good and comfortable from inside and inside and outside both, when you look good you will feel confident in form of others.

An ill-fitted bra will make your whole figure look bad which ultimately will affect your mood.


2. Affects the shape of the breast:

When a misfitted bra is worn, it affects the size and shape of the breast because it won’t gives that much of support. Also if the bra is small the breasts will grow in alter shape disturbing your look and if the bra is bigger than the size, the breasts will lag resulting in losing their shape.


3. Sagging of breast can be caused:

Sagging is very common in old age women, as muscles of their everybody is loosened, but if you are young and feel like your breast are loose to then my dear you are wearing a wrong bra.

Both small and bigger bras are not good. A smaller one will make them flat since it doesn't cover the total area plus giving undue pressure due to the size and the bigger one would have too much space between them and breast hence sagging occurs. Sagging makes the breast look disastrous which results from the sagging of the look.


4. Disrupted physical activities:

When you wear a bra which fits you well or the bra which is of your correct size, helps you to reduce the bouncing effects of breasts in public places. A well-fitted bra supports breasts very well and firmly holds them avoiding them bouncing unnecessarily.

During any physical activity such as running, jogging, speed walking and even normal walking breasts bounce due to the up n down motion of the body, also when you are driving breasts often when a jumper happens. Such bouncing makes women embarrassed and causes discomfort if between people and the only way to avoid such situation is to wear a well-fitted bra that suits you better.


6. Irritation of the skin:

When an ill-fitted bra is small of your actual size, which you may wear whole day skin irritation is caused due to constant friction between your bra and your skin. Such irritation can result in serious skin problems and you may be not able to wear the bra for a long due to skin damages.


Since now, things are clear about the importance of the correct size of the bra, women must wear only the correct size bra and should not ignore the needs of the body. Your body is yours and only you can take care of it in a good manner so all the girls and ladies out there stop this shyness and take stand for your self. Well, now things have changed, you can now even shop for your lingerie online too. is a great platform where you can buy a bra of your choice with good and affordable prices and the best part is you get those delivered at your home. So, don't need to go anywhere with Zivame discount offers and Zivame discount coupons shopping gets better.


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