How codes are of Clovia creating fuzz in the market Clovia has emerged as one of the biggest and popular e-retailer of lingerie online saving you from all the embarrassments from the offline shopping of intimate clothes, also it saved you from all the judgements can people on the basis of your choices because let's be honest, secretly we all want to have some sexy or different kind of lingerie to feel sexy or to feel confident about ourselves and our body parts. Since it's a proven fact that when you feel confident from inside that will show on the face and will enhance your overall look. Also, since online shopping is the thing preferred by most people, so why not take one more advantage of online shopping of having your lingerie delivered at home. Clovia was introduced to in market by an entrepreneur Neha Kant in 2012 and in very less time clovia has emerged as one of the top-most online lingerie sellers of the Indian market. The founder of Clovia found out the difference between Indian market and other countries market about the lingerie is the variety and the Indian women are still uncomfortable in describing the exact size of their body parts and feel shy about it and if the shopkeeper is a male then feeling shy is very natural due to the teachings of our Indian Culture. Most women in India wear a wrong size bra because they are too shy to describe their measurements and whatever the shopkeeper give to them they take it. But at Clovia, you get steps on how to know your perfect sizes in which you don't need anyone help and you can get your perfect size with it. Clovia offers you the vast variety of lingerie’s of different prints, shapes, cuts and sizes and with the measurement help, you can find the correct fitting exactly to your size, not too tight or too loose. Also, if in any case, you don't like a piece you can exchange or return the product which is generally not available in many shops. The quality available at the prices which Clovia offers is something which has made us so many loyal and satisfied customers in the Indian markets. Many of the websites collaborate with different brands for providing the products but clovia manufacture its own products, all the fabrics, laces, printed fabrics, the designs are imported and exclusively made for clovia only. Clovia itself is a brand which does not need other brands to classify them. The thing that makes clovia different from others is the cost that offers for all its products, also you can find night dresses, camisoles, and all the sexy and lacy gowns. So, if you are planning for buying new lingerie this season you can buy them in clovia lingerie sale to avail the good deals over your purchase. When you shop with clovia, money saving and the quality is assured and with the benefit of online shopping, you get the parcel delivered at home with no hassles and you can get all the lingerie at home without any embarrassments.
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