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How codes are of Clovia creating fuzz in the market Clovia has emerged as one of the biggest and popular e-retailer of lingerie online saving you from all th... Moree embarrassments from the offline shopping of intimate clothes, also it saved you from all the judgements can people on the basis of your choices because let's be honest, secretly we all want to have some sexy or different kind of lingerie to feel sexy or to feel confident about ourselves and our body parts. Since it's a proven fact that when you feel confident from inside that will show on the face and will enhance your overall look. Also, since online shopping is the thing preferred by most people, so why not take one more advantage of online shopping of having your lingerie delivered at home. Clovia was introduced to in market by an entrepreneur Neha Kant in 2012 and in very less time clovia has emerged as one of the top-most online lingerie sellers of the Indian market. The founder of Clovia found out the difference between Indian market and other countries market about the lingerie is the variety and the Indian women are still uncomfortable in describing the exact size of their body parts and feel shy about it and if the shopkeeper is a male then feeling shy is very natural due to the teachings of our Indian Culture. Most women in India wear a wrong size bra because they are too shy to describe their measurements and whatever the shopkeeper give to them they take it. But at Clovia, you get steps on how to know your perfect sizes in which you don't need anyone help and you can get your perfect size with it. Clovia offers you the vast variety of lingerie’s of different prints, shapes, cuts and sizes and with the measurement help, you can find the correct fitting exactly to your size, not too tight or too loose. Also, if in any case, you don't like a piece you can exchange or return the product which is generally not available in many shops. The quality available at the prices which Clovia offers is something which has made us so many loyal and satisfied customers in the Indian markets. Many of the websites collaborate with different brands for providing the products but clovia manufacture its own products, all the fabrics, laces, printed fabrics, the designs are imported and exclusively made for clovia only. Clovia itself is a brand which does not need other brands to classify them. The thing that makes clovia different from others is the cost that offers for all its products, also you can find night dresses, camisoles, and all the sexy and lacy gowns. So, if you are planning for buying new lingerie this season you can buy them in clovia lingerie sale to avail the good deals over your purchase. When you shop with clovia, money saving and the quality is assured and with the benefit of online shopping, you get the parcel delivered at home with no hassles and you can get all the lingerie at home without any embarrassments. Less
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More About Myntra Some mistakes you have been doing unknowingly while online shopping Shopping feels amazing to be it even a small thing like chocolate or s... Moremall earning. We always get excited about the shopping and when you shop online its like a surprise gift to yourself when it has arrived after few days. Online shopping is the best gift given to us since it has provided us with many benefits like no time limits for shopping hours, save time and energy, best deals which may or may not available offline, no hassles or arguments with the shopkeeper for discounts, quality assured products, delivered at your doorstep, and the payment option of your choice like debit card, credit card or cash on delivery. Apart from all these benefits, you can shop for the products sitting in your home or anywhere like office or college or any of your work whenever you are free with lots n lots of varieties. When you shop online and when you get the parcel it's like a present to you from yourself. Apart from all the benefits of online shopping, there is also some mistake you might have been doing wrong which might or might be remained unnoticed from our eyes which sometimes cost us heavier than we think. So, in order to avoid that here are some points mentioned which needs your consideration. So here we go: 1. Comparison of prices: This is the biggest mistake a person can do is not comparing prices online and offline both. There are many websites through which we can shop online and offers different prices for same products and sometimes there is a big difference between the amounts. Same goes for the offline market, sometimes when you shop offline you can get the same product at fewer prices which were actually of the higher price online. So, when shopping always goes for comparing whether you are shopping online or offline. Well, for comparison you need to search different shops but offline with the help of certain websites you can directly compare the different websites at once. Comparing will help you get your product at cheaper cost with the same quality and quantity. 2. Going for unreliable websites: Doing an economically feasible shopping is good but adjusting with the quality is for sure not a good thing. So, never go some cheap quality products because it is ridiculously of lesser price or if there 2 free products on one product. The offers are like so tempting sometimes that we can't resist ourselves from buying that and then regrets later because of the cheap quality of the product. Also, when you buy a cheap quality product you tend to spend more than saving. 3. Unreliable Websites: Since online shopping has become fashion more than a necessity and due to this, there has been the heavy increase of shopping websites from which some are good and some are not good. You need to verify the websites before trying. Things like the shipping charges, the shipping days, the replacement and return policy also there are some tricks which you can use to check the authenticity of the website. 4. Shipping charges: Sometimes the shipping cost charged by the websites are much higher making the cost of your product higher even if the product is at the discounted price. People mostly ignore than shipping charges because they get to know about it on the time of payment and since they desperately need the product they just ignore the shipping charge and buy that product. Also, many websites give you free shipping only on a certain amount and due to this people end up buying the unnecessary things for free delivery. Always check for the shipping charges before the checkout and even if the production rate is little higher but with free shipping go for that product. 5. Public wifi: Since the internet has taken a big part in our lives, wifi becomes a most lovable thing these days and when you are getting it for free it's amazing then. But free things come with drawbacks too. When you use free wifi you put your Smartphone and your surfing information and payment information if doing with public wifi is at risk. Are you asking why? Public wifi is for everyone and anyone can track you any of information making it unsafe for you. Hence, it's better not to use public wifi or unprotected wifi for any transaction, or something in which your personal information has to be revealed. Okay, with that information don't think that we want to frighten you, but with these, we want to make you aware for keeping you safe from any frauds during shopping online be it a money fraud or the quality fraud. Mynta is one of the oldest and the safest website for online shopping. Myntra offers you the wide variety of products such as clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup essentials, even the inner garments and all the products you get on Myntra is of amazing quality and with Myntra end of season sale, you can get great discounts on your deals. This summer season you buy all those summer essentials because you get Myntra 50% off on the merchandise and branded items. Also, you using Myntra discount coupon codes and Myntra coupon codes you can avail Myntra 10% discount on any product you buy. You can also buy gifts for your people when since the offers are so good and it won't even get heavy on your pocket too. If you are new to Myntra you get Myntra promo codes for having a good shopping experience. So, why you are still waiting, just log on to and start Shopping people. Less
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